Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Travel Tips

Can you believe that Christmas is this weekend? As of this time last week we were VERY not prepared but thank goodness for Amazon Prime and a few trips to Target, Toys R Us and some expedited shipping from Nordstrom, we’re ready to go! 

We don’t travel for Christmas, rather one of our family traditions is to spend it at home just us and the boys. We do Tex Mex Christmas Eve and then breakfast with just the four of us at home, followed by a lazy morning and afternoon until we have dinner with my parents in the evening. For us, it’s a nice, low-key way to spend the holiday, with good food and letting the kids play with all of the new things they’ll inevitably have under the tree. 

We do have some plans for the following weeks, and we traveled a bit earlier this month, so I wanted to share some tips and things that I’m implementing to make sure that we’ll be healthy and happy throughout our winter travels: 

Hydrate // The combination of winter weather, indoor heat and dry air (especially if you’re traveling on an airplane) is troublesome for your skin and your body. You’ll want to make sure you’re drinking enough water to help with that. I’ve made my goal to drink half my body weight in ounces of water every day. And when we travel, I try to add a little bit more to that, especially because I’m likely to have more wine along the way. When we’re on a plane, if I order wine, I will also get a water, and in the car I’ll usually have a LaCroix, coffee and water with me. When you’re hydrated it’s good for your skin, energy level and just overall health. 

Sleep // Traveling is a great excuse to stay up late and go out when you normally wouldn’t. Hey we did that a few weeks ago and it took me nearly a full week to recover! Make sleep a priority when you’re traveling, or at the very least, build in time for resting. When our kids nap, we try to take time to chill out and relax.

Skin Care // When we’re on the go, I pack a few extra things for my skincare routine. I always take an extra eye mask (this one is my very favorite and worth the splurge), as well as minis of my favorite products. TULA has some great sets right now and I love this one for an extra winter boost, and I always suggest their discovery kit to take with you for trips. I see this as a little pampering to make your skin look and feel better while you’re on the go, so take a few minutes for yourself!

Overpack // That’s right I said it. Plus, you were probably going to do it anyway (and so was I). I say pack a few extra comfortable pieces like these cozy pants and this sweater, my favorite leggings and go-to UGGs. On some of these holiday visits, you think you’ll be dressed up more than you actually will be, so have some cute “comfies” (as we call them around here) to throw on at a moment’s notice. 

These super cute Vera Bradley weekenders are great for quick holiday trips. I plan on even using the small one as my “ski day” bag to take to and from the slopes with my apres ski gear and cute hat. The larger one is great and spacious for all of your folded clothes. 

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