Going Back to Work

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard me talk more recently about work and my clients. I haven’t elaborated ALL that much on it, but today I’m really excited to share more with you about what I’ve been doing and maybe why you haven’t seen me as much as you used to here on the blog. 

Let’s go back in time a bit. Before we moved to Michigan, I worked at an agency in Houston doing marketing strategy for oil and gas clients. I LOVED my job but the move was the right, long-term thing for us so I left it in August 2013. After we moved to Michigan, Clint and I made the decision that I wouldn’t be going back to work full-time. My plan was to work on this blog, get us settled in our new home and in a year or so, figure out if I wanted to do something else. 

Not long after we got settled in our house, my aunt came to me and asked if I would manage the social media for her flower shop. She felt that she knew it was something she needed to do but didn’t know how and didn’t want to do it. So I agreed and thought it was fun to have a client again, and to sort of “play agency” and get a little bit of money on the side. The thought often crossed my mind to grow that business but at the time I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea of prospecting and seeking new business at the time so I didn’t. 

Well, during that time, we had decided to have another baby, so along came Dylan and my focus went to being a mom of two, and then the blog and my one client. I still loved all of it.

And then things got interesting. In a good way. 

Back in March, my photographer and friend, introduced me to a new business owner who had just opened a medical spa nearby and needed help with her marketing. We instantly clicked and she signed on as my second retainer client. As the work picked up, I continued to love what I did and began to see the goal I once had of owning my own agency coming to life. At the end of the summer, within a matter of 10 days, I signed two more clients. 

That goal of owning my own agency is now a reality as I filed my LLC a month ago and am now the owner of BESPOKE, a strategic marketing communications firm. I have an awesome graphic designer who helps me make my clients’ brands look amazing and I love creating the content and strategy for local businesses, all of whom are fantastic and people need to know more about!

And speaking of getting the word out, as my side hustle became my real hustle, I needed to make that more “official,” as well, starting with a website. I used the GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder to get my site set up and ready to go. As a marketer, I know how important it is to have a clear and concise website, but I was concerned to take the time for myself when I should be spending it on clients. 

The great thing was that building my site took me just about an hour to get together. I wrote out my text and was able to choose from really great options for layouts and stock imagery, plus it’ll be easy to tweak things along the way, as I figure out exactly what I need. And because I spend so much time working on projects for other people, I love that there are built in tools for SEO, E-mail marketing and social media. Plus your site is made to be mobile friendly and you can even preview that in the builder!

Because things are so busy with work and life, I appreciate when I find something like the GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder to help make at least part of my day a little easier so I can get my work done, help my clients meet their goals and shut down with no worries when the boys get home from school! 

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