Wellness Wednesday: Why I Love My Peloton Bike Workouts

Peloton Bike Workouts reviewed by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed. Peloton Bike Workouts reviewed by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed. Peloton Bike Workouts reviewed by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed. Peloton Bike Workouts reviewed by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re well aware that I have and am obsessed with my Peloton bike. Clint ordered the bike for us in April and he essentially did it just for me. When it comes to cardio, spinning is absolutely my favorite workout and at the time we got the bike, I was at my most frustrated point in my post-baby weight loss and fitness level

I had been working out in what I thought was an effective and consistent way, but I had completely plateaued. I wasn’t losing weight, I wasn’t getting stronger and I was NOT happy. I was actually pretty damn cranky. All. The. Time. Something had to change and this was it for me. 

I wanted to hop on here and sing the Peloton praises immediately but I decided to wait a bit and see how it really worked for me. Now, almost 100 rides in, I am as obsessed with it as I was on day 1 and I’m ready to share why. 

Before we get into all the details, I am going to say that I have not yet reached my goal but I’m MUCH closer, thanks to the addition of my rides to my workout routine. I do think that changing my diet is going to be a big part of reaching my fitness and body goals, and that is something I’m working on.

The Peloton Bike Workouts

 With the bike, you have access to hundreds of workouts. These are both cycling and “beyond the ride” Peloton Bike workouts that include yoga, stretching and strength. There are both live workouts, where you login to an actual, live class and then the On Demand workouts that you can do anytime. 

There are 20 minute rides, 30 minute rides, 45 minute rides and some 60 minute rides. I would say that I do mostly 30 or 45 minute rides, but it is really nice to have access to quick 20 minute rides on busy days. You can bookmark your favorite Peloton bike workouts, and I use that feature for my “rides to take” list and will reference that first when I’m choosing an On Demand Ride.

I choose my rides depending what I want to get out of it or the music mood I’m in. I like the Hip Hop rides, Pop rides, Groove rides, Metrics Rides and HIIT rides the best. As far as instructors, I usually ride with Ally, Cody, Hannah, Alex, Denis or Jennifer Jacobs. I find that they all inspire me, and they all have great playlists. For example, I pick Ally’s rides if I need an extra boost of positivity and energy (I love starting the week with one of her classes), Cody’s rides for the music and for a fun ride, and I’ll ride with Alex if I want a good challenge and a great playlist. 

I also do the arms and stretching workouts on Beyond the Ride, but not quite as frequently as maybe I should. I’ve been in it for the cardio, so I would like to start adding some of these elements back into my workout, as well.

The Peloton Bike Setup

I do love that on the Peloton commercials, it looks so glamorous to have the bike in front of these big windows or in a perfectly pretty living room. At our house, it’s in the basement. And I’m sure that’s the case with a lot of at home riders, but for us it is the place that makes the most sense.

It sits at the bottom of our stairs and right next to the play room. I’ve actually done rides with Jackson hanging out in the playroom and he just pops his head out to “check on me” and make sure I’m doing okay. He’s a sweet little supporter and I think it’s good for him to see us doing our best to be healthy and fit. 

When we got the bike, we also ordered floor mats from Rubber Flooring, Inc. We have two gym flooring rolls sitting next to each other. These provide the bike with stability and it’s just a nice space for a workout spot. I also have some weights, yoga mats and a step in this workout area, so I’ll use the other weights for Beyond the Ride strength workouts and a yoga mat for abs. The step was for when I was going to attempt to do BBG. That didn’t last long, but it works just as well for a shelf right now.

The Peloton Bike Price

This is the thing that I absolutely get the most questions about. Let’s start with this, YES, it is an expensive piece of equipment. I would NOT get it if you are just wanting to try spinning and see if you like it. Go take a class locally first and then think about making the investment or check out a showroom. Like I said, spinning is my favorite cardio workout by far, so this made a lot of sense for us.

Here’s the breakdown. So the bike itself is $1,995, the shoes are $125 per pair (we each have a pair) and then you pay for delivery of the bike. It also costs $39 per month for unlimited classes. This covers all the users on the bike, so Clint and I can both take as many classes as we want for that $39 monthly subscription fee. In addition to this, Clint has a gym membership and we have a family YMCA membership. I also will occasionally take outside classes at a local studio, but my main focus is bike workouts. 

Now, if you don’t want to pay for it up front, you can actually finance it for 12 months interest free. I will be completely honest with you and tell you that this is what we did. It made it more manageable for us to handle the payment that way, and we’re more than half way through that 12 months so we’re almost done. When the bike is paid off, we’ll just have the subscription fee and we’re cool with that. 

If you are interested in buying a bike, this is my Peloton Referral Code: 3R3R9F. If you use that, you’ll get $100 off of your accessories and I’ll get $100 to put toward accessories in their shop. 

I’m always open to questions about the Peloton bike! As you can tell, I’m a big fan and I’ve been really pleased with this purchase. This review and information is 100% NOT sponsored (although I’d actually love it if it was!), so if I hated it, I’d tell you. 

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Photos for this Peloton bike workouts post were taken by Tosha Cole Photography


4 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Why I Love My Peloton Bike Workouts

  1. Cami

    So glad to hear you love it! I have been researching the bike all day and I’m trying to convince my Fiancé it’s worth it. I’ve honestly only done SoulCycle once but I was obsessed. But it did hurt my inner thigh area for a few days after which was a pain. Do you ever think that the seat is uncomfortable? I think since it was my first ride on a bike in a while I just wasn’t used to it, I’m sure it gets better over time.

    1. Nina Rand | The HSS Feed Post author

      I do love it and it has been really worth it for us! When we got the bike, the seat was slightly uncomfortable for the first few rides. I actually put a gel seat cover in my Amazon cart but never ended up ordering it because I just got used to the seat. That being said, occasionally, some rides where you’re sitting a lot can still be a little uncomfortable, but a gel seat would help with that too!

  2. Diane

    Great review! I love the Peloton app but unfortunately don’t have the bike since they haven’t made it to France yet. For now I use the app at my gym and in my garage and can’t get enough. Indoor cycling has been my go-to cardio for years, and Peloton really knows how to make it about so much more than just a workout. As someone who lives abroad, the app makes me a feel like I’m a part of something even from afar. 😉


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