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I realized that I’ve been holding out on you guys when it come to hair products. Back when I started going to a new salon (I go here) and had more color and balayage put back into my hair, I also started using some new products. Everything in this post is what makes up my current “hair care” routine, with the exception of hair masques and treatments. I actually haven’t been doing many of those lately, but I would like to start to get into a good habit of using them as we get into the drying winter weather. I have two to try right now so more to come on that another time!

So before we start, let me tell you more about my hair. First of all, I have a lot of it. My  hair is really thick, it’s wavy and slightly coarse. It is also obviously color-treated. I have the balayage for color but I also have to cover my gray roots with color about every 5 weeks. I’m always looking for products to smooth my hair, help with straightening, tame frizz and add shine!

I used some Kerastase products when I was living in Houston (my salon there carried the line), but hadn’t used them in years when I was sent these to try. I’m using the Bain Satin 1 shampoo and Lait Vital conditioner and I am really loving both of them. I actually feel like my hair stays cleaner for longer and that they do not weigh down my hair like other products I’ve used in the past. As far as scent is concerned, I feel like these create a sort of refined salon smell that isn’t too strong or overpowering.

I’ve gotten a few questions on pricing of these products because they are a bit expensive. For me, I honestly don’t mind because I don’t have to buy them very often. Because I have so much hair, I only wash it maybe twice a week (depending on how often and how hard I work out), so it lasts me for a while. And even though these were gifted to me, I absolutely plan to re-purchase them because I am very happy with the results!

My salon in Lansing uses R + Co products and I now use them for styling my hair. So here’s what I do after towel drying my hair:

  • Combine R+Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm (quarter size) and one pump of Kerastase Elixir Ultime in my hands and work through my hair. I love this combination for smoothing my hair without too much weight.
  • Spray lightly with R+Co Grid spray. This product helps set your style and it really works! 
  • Blow dry using paddle brush and these round brushes. I flat iron my new growth and then curl the ends using my T3 Wand
  • To finish, I use R+Co Trophy Spray and Tinsel Oil (on my ends) for shine.
  • If I need to cover up my gray roots, I use the L’Oreal Hair Touch Up Root Concealer. It is AMAZING and really works! I’ve shown it on Instagram stories before and will do it again the next time I have roots to show (I just got my hair done last week!)

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