Sarah Fechter Fitness: Camp Wrap Up

Well, I did it! Two weeks ago, my fitness camp at Sarah Fechter Fitness wrapped up. Unfortunately, our last scheduled day of camp got rained out, and I was actually pretty disappointed by that – it was the only time weather ever got in the way!

As an overall “review,” let’s just say that I LOVED doing the fitness camp. Although they were tough, I really enjoyed every workout. The trainers were all incredibly motivating, really helpful and encouraging and made me want to do better with every class. 

I just overall really like the structure of the camp. I liked having a workout planned for me, being around women that motivated me and not having to worry about “Ugh what am I going to do to workout today?” for three days of my week. I didn’t love every single exercise, because that’s probably impossible. But I loved that the ones I didn’t like pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me work hard. I also felt so energized after every session that it made me want to come back and do the next one. 

The Results + Details

I have to be honest and tell you that I have not weighed myself and I don’t plan to until I just happen to be somewhere that has a scale. I really wanted this “getting in shape” to be about how I felt and fitting into my clothes. Post-baby weight loss was tough for me this time and this camp was a huge motivator to getting me back to where I want to be. I’m not there yet, but I’m much closer and much happier with my progress.

When we were in Florida, I felt more confident in a bathing suit than I have in probably 3 years. I fit into clothes that didn’t even come close to fitting me last summer. And I feel more “in shape” than I have in a really long time. 

I have noticed that my legs have toned up, my arms have gotten leaner and more toned and my mom tummy is significantly smaller. So with that, I don’t much care how much I weigh right now because I feel really good. I was hoping that the camp would jump start my post-baby weight loss/getting back into shape and it really did that for me. I’m pleased with my results and it has left me wanting more and wanting to keep going to reach my goals!


Was camp worth it and would you do it again? I 100% would sign up to do a camp again. I am not doing the summer camp, which starts on July 9, but just because we’re traveling quite a bit and I’d be missing more classes than I would like to with that schedule. I’ll probably sign up again for spring camp next year though and I’ll keep going to classes at the studio in the meantime!

What was the hardest part? I talked about this in my mid-camp update but the hardest part by far was getting up at 5:00 AM to go workout. 

As far as hard workouts, there was one track workout that had more running in it (plus bear crawls and crab walks which were TOUGH!), and that was the most challenging for me. We also ran the bleachers in that workout and I doubted that I could actually do that. But I did it! I was also the most sore after that workout but was really proud of myself for completing it pretty successfully.

Can anyone do this fitness camp? I would say yes. There were people in my class that were at every fitness level. Each workout had modifications and you brought your own dumbbells, so you could control the weight that you used.

Did you change your diet? No, I really didn’t. I’m terrible at changing my diet and I really didn’t do much different while I was doing the camp. That’s maybe the one thing I would do differently.

I’m going to work on this over the rest of the summer though, because I know it’s important and I suck at it. My plan is to first start cutting down my sugar intake, mostly cutting out the sweets I’ve “had to have,” especially in the evening. I’m also going to try and make sure I have a fruit and/or vegetable to each of my meals. We don’t eat badly, but I just know we could do better. 

What’s Next?

I loved that doing the camp got me on a great workout schedule, so I plan on trying to keep that up. To be honest, I haven’t decided for sure what I’m going to do next but I want to keep the schedule of 3 strength-type workouts a week and 3 spin class workouts a week on the Peloton. I’ve thought about doing BBG workouts with a girlfriend of mine, and I also have just thought of putting 2-3 studio classes a week on my calendar each week, on the same days, and making that my “official” schedule. Last week and this week I did a boxing class and a Glutes/Guns/Core circuit class.

My biggest goal is to gain more strength. I’ve liked the muscle tone I’ve noticed in my arms and legs and would like to maintain and grow that, as well as continue to work on my ab strength, which has been seriously lacking since I had Dylan. 

I hope you enjoyed following along on this fitness journey and I hope you will continue. If there are more fitness topics you’d like to see here on the HSS feed, let me know. Whether it’s recipes and healthy eating tips, or just workout-related things, let me know what you’d like to see and I will bring it to you! 

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13 thoughts on “Sarah Fechter Fitness: Camp Wrap Up

  1. Kelssey Layton

    Those early morning wake up calls can be brutal! But aren’t the results SO worth it? Loved this insight!

  2. Kristina

    What a fun idea! I’m all about group fitness because it truly motivates me the most!

    xo, Kristina


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