My 3 Favorite Masks

A couple of months ago, I did a “My 3 Favorites” post (see it here) and I heard great feedback from you all, so I’ve decided to make this a monthly series. You’ll actually see a few new things coming in beauty, and this is the first! Today I’m going to share the three best face masks that I have tried and why I like them so much. 

What’s So Great About Masks?

I love using masks because, for one, I don’t get to a spa very often and it feels like a little at home pampering. I also think they’re a great beauty product to have in your drawer to address any skin issues as you travel, seasons change or you just need a little boost. 

They’re also a quick and easy way to refresh your skin if you have a big event or just to keep your skin looking great between facials. 

My Favorite Masks

LMdB Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo

  • Why I like this product: The results are instant and they’re amazing. These little eye masks are really moisturizing, they make your skin so soft, and they make you look rested, revived and awake!
  • When I use it: This one is awesome for days when you are just exhausted and need a little moisture boost. It’s good for traveling, and I’ll often use one when we get home from a trip. I’ve also used these in advance of photo shoots so that my makeup applies better. And, these are THE BEST for when you have a hangover and need to get hydrated and look more awake. 

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

  • Why I like this product: I like this one because it’s incredibly effective in making your skin feel balanced and for clearing up breakouts or redness. You can feel it working on your skin and the light exfoliation when you rinse is really nice. I use it in the evening and follow up with a moisturizer. The next day, I find that my skin feels super smooth and that it is much more calm. It’s definitely a great one to use between facials to keep the glow going!
  • When I use it: I use this one if my skin is feeling oily, irritated or if I get a bit of a breakout (which is rare for me, but happens from time to time). You have to keep it on for 15-20 minutes, so I try to use this when I have a little more time. 

TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask

  • Why I like this product: I like this one because it is a really quick, easy and effective mask. It gives you a good scrub and leaves your skin feeling super soft afterward. I also like the clay feeling of it where it dries a little bit and draws out those impurities. 
  • When I use it: I actually use this mask probably more than any other mask I’ve had. I typically put it on when I’m in the shower while I’m shaving my legs or letting my hair mask soak in, but I’ll also do it when I have just a few minutes to myself before bed and my skin just needs a little “something” to feel fresh. 

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