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I’m going to do this week’s wish list just a little differently and I’d love to hear what you think!

At any given time, on my phone, I almost always have a ton of browser windows. These browser windows are my sort of on-going “wish” list/”to do” list/”want to make” list or “want to remember” list. Does anyone else do that? Hopefully it isn’t just me. Well lately I noticed a little bit of a trend in the shopping-related browsers I had open and it was all black dresses and gold jewelry. 

Black dresses, well that totally makes sense, can you ever have enough of them? As I’ve mentioned before, summer is no reason to stop wearing black. I’ve also found myself reaching for dresses out of a need for simplicity in getting ready. It’s a single choice and that’s been working better for me lately since my mind has been jam packed with other things. 

And I think I have an explanation for the gold jewelry as well. We just saw Wonder Woman and I may have developed a slight obsession. The movie was awesome, Wonder Woman is a badass and when we left, I told Clint that I clearly needed a pair of gold cuffs. That turned into gold rings, earrings, necklaces and well the trouble kept going on from there. As a side note, I’d also like to get on the Wonder Woman workout plan

Now, with all that said, my favorite outfit combinations lately have been black dresses with gold jewelry and in the two lookbooks below, I’m sharing the pieces that have been in my “saved” browser windows. 

Dresses I’m most likely to buy:

  • #1 (J.Crew): I actually have this dress in the blue gingham and I LOVE it. I probably should have bought black in the first place because I know I’d get a ton of wear out of it both dressed up and dressed down.
  • #2 (Sincerely Jules): I tend to go with long black dresses because they’re so easy to wear but I really like the length of this one and I’m thinking of pairing it with a Tory Burch belt like this one. It’s like those great Gucci belts everyone is wearing but about half the price.
  • #3 (Anthropologie): I didn’t mean for these to be in order, but I actually already bought this one. It’s a great day dress and is super easy to wear when you want to look put together for a day out with your kids or just on the go.

Jewelry I’m most likely to buy:

  • #1 (Kendra Scott): This is obviously a nod to the Wonder Woman cuffs that I simply have to have. I love this style!
  • #4 (Julie Vos): This pendant necklace is really pretty and you can choose a different stone for it (I believe there are maybe 4 options). I just think it’s a great subtle statement that would get a lot of wear and that you’d have for a long time.
  • #7 (also Julie Vos): I know I want to wear gold cuffs like crazy but I’ve never had a gold link bracelet like this and I really love how they look. 

So tell me, how did you like this version of a wish list post? I’d love your feedback since I know a lot of you really like wish list posts!

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