Lightening Up Your Makeup For Summer

Today I’m really excited to be partnering with my friend, Leslie Perry to talk about lightening up your makeup routine for summer. I met Leslie earlier this year through a local group of “girl bosses” who all work together to support and encourage each other in our work. Leslie is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist who is incredibly talented and does an amazing job creating beautiful makeup looks that bring out her clients’ natural beauty and confidence.

I’ve had Leslie do my makeup a couple of times and I became obsessed with products from her custom cosmetics line. So I’m excited to have her here on the blog today to share 5 tips for summer makeup using some of those favorite products. PLUS you can find all of our favorites on my Shop page under the Leslie Perry Cosmetics tab, and you can shop them all there! 

So without further ado, here’s Leslie!

Skin is in.

First and foremost, take good care of your skin. Always remove your makeup before bed, use products appropriate for your skin type and wear sunscreen daily. Makeup will go on smoother and last longer when your skin is in good shape.

Pare down and reach for products that can serve double duty.

One of my go-to products is a blush/bronzer duo. The ballerina bronzer is a perfect combination of warm pink shimmer for your cheeks paired with a bronzer for the ultimate summer glow.

Another technique: Try using eye shadow as eyeliner.

Use a small, smudger type brush to apply along your lash line. If you’d like a bit more intensity, slightly dampen the brush in water before dipping in the shadow.

Ditch the liquid/cream foundation.

Heat plus liquid and cream makeup is the perfect recipe for a sweaty, melty mess. Instead, use a concealer sparingly only where you need it. Then apply a mineral pressed powder foundation. Because mineral powder is “pure pigment,” you’ll be surprised at how much coverage you can achieve with that alone.

Erase dark circles.

If you brighten the under-eye area, you’ll look wide awake and totally refreshed – and need less makeup overall. My absolute favorite product for this is the Eye Brightener. It’s a liquid, yes, and I just said avoid liquid products. Well, this is the one exception. It’s light-weight and dries to an almost powdery finish so it doesn’t crease or settle in fine lines.

Try a pop of color on your lips.

Summer is the perfect time to try out a brighter lip color, whether a lipstick or gloss. I personally love using a lip gloss to complement the overall bronze, glowing skin look. A poppy pink color like Disco is a great choice and flattering on nearly everyone. If you’re not as comfortable with color on your lips, sheer it out by applying a lip moisturizer first.

Thank you SO much to Leslie for the tips and for sharing today here on the HSS feed! Please do check out the shop page and let us know if you have any questions on any products! My personal favorites are the Ballerina Bronzer and the Disco lip gloss – you will LOVE them and wear them all the time this summer, just trust me!

Photos thanks to Tosha Cole Photography.


11 thoughts on “Lightening Up Your Makeup For Summer

  1. Mollie

    These are such great tips! I barely wear any makeup in the summer, but I totally agree about adding a pop of color in the lips!

    xx Mollie

  2. Kelssey Layton

    Love all of this! I am a big fan of going lighter coverage in the Summer but I can never resist a good bright colored lip!


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