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Starting in just a couple of weeks, we are going to get into some summer road trips with the boys. I’m mostly excited but also a little nervous for more travel with them. They’re so much fun and we laugh a ton with them, but they’re also super busy and they need LOTS of stuff when we’re on the go. 

We do mostly 2-4 hour trips, depending on where we’re going. And this summer we’re hoping for a trip to the Detroit Zoo, various weekends at the lake and maybe even a drive over to Chicago for a weekend in the city with the boys. 

We are trying to make packing easy this summer and doing our best to plan ahead for whatever may happen (impossible, but we do our best!). The car kit is sort of my “backup box” for several things from diapering to clothing and, of course, distraction. Truthfully, my mom bought me this box forever ago and I really thought I wasn’t going to use it. Wrong. Another one of those times where mom is right and you probably should have listened to her in the first place!

Food & Drink // It’s so nice that Dylan is finally at an age where you don’t have to carry around baby food and formula, and you can find something for him to snack on or drink at a gas station anywhere. I keep an extra snack cup in the car, just in case, so that he can eat whatever Goldfish, raisins or other snacks we pick up while we’re driving or at a restaurant. I also keep an extra sippy cup, bib and a fork & spoon set for unexpected dinners out or on the road. Our favorite baby spoons were also these from OXO. For a while they were they only ones that Dylan would eat off of and now we still use them at home because he likes them, they’re super durable and clean up really nicely – I’ve used them for both boys and have never had one break!

Clothing // Accidents happen and clothes get wet (for whatever reason) far too often with our boys. I keep extra underwear and a t-shirt and shorts for Jackson in the car, as well as a tee and shorts for Dylan. I started going to the Carter’s or Oshkosh outlet to pick up spare clothes for the car, as well as for the boys’ extra clothes to keep at school. My goal for those is for them to be nice looking but not expensive, so that I don’t feel too bad if something happens to them!

Essentials // It probably goes without saying that we keep diapers and wipes in the car at all times. The key here is making sure you have the right size at all times. I check my kit about once a month to make sure I don’t have a random newborn diaper in there that will do me no good. 

We also have this travel potty which we have not had to use just yet but I’m already thankful to have for emergencies! It folds up and goes in a little bag for storage too – you NEED this thing if you have little kids!

I also keep wet wipes and a towel (which I learned after Jackson randomly decided to throw up all over the car once), just in case. 

Distraction // One of the best things I may have ever purchased for distraction is one of these magnetic drawing boards. They have them at a restaurant we go to and Jackson LOVES them, so I ordered one on Amazon to keep in the car. This is another one that doesn’t leave the car so it’s sort of a fun little treat when we really need it! 

For Dylan, distraction could practically come in the form of a spoon and he’d be happy. However, I do keep a couple of board books, teething toys and things that don’t make too much noise in the box for him. 

What are some of your kid-friendly travel essentials? Please share with me! 


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