Sarah Fechter Fitness Camp: Pre-Camp

A couple of months ago, I announced this partnership with Sarah Fechter Fitness and I’m really excited that it’s finally time to get started. Fitness camp kicks off on Monday morning (bright and early at 5:30 AM!) and I’m so ready to get started. 

Today I’m sharing with you my goals, a few tips from the experts I’m working with and then tune in next week to my Instagram stories for some real-life updates and a peek at camp. I’ll also be doing a mid-camp post to check in and give you an update on how things are going and then, when things wrap up in June, I will do a post and share some before/after photos. 

How I’ve Prepared

I’ve been doing my best to stay active and work out consistently. I got thrown off a bit in March when the boys and I were sick for a couple of weeks, but it has been about 5 really consistent weeks so far and it’s felt awesome. I have been doing 4 workouts a week on my Peloton bike and then 2 off the bike workouts, with at last one of those being a strength workout at Sarah Fechter Fitness (usually Turbo Kick, which is my favorite). 

So right now, I feel like I’m in a good routine and ready to move on to adding some new workouts into it!

My Goals

I have some physical goals and also some more motivational goals for this fitness camp. As far as physical goals, I want to gain more in the way of core strength and overall just feel stronger. When I say core strength, I’d love to see my abs come back a bit after having Dylan (which hasn’t happened yet). I would also like to lose a little bit of weight (maybe about 3-5 pounds) and see my clothes fit a little bit better.

My goal is to also attend all of the workouts of camp that I possibly can (I have to miss 2 for a trip) and really keep this good routine going. I also want to work on doing my best and not be tough on myself when I’m not able to do something. 

Tips for Camp

Apparently it’s pretty normal to feel some anxiety about getting started with camp. I do feel a bit nervous because I just don’t completely know what to expect. So with that, I asked Sarah to give a few tips to get motivated and kick things off: 

Prepare yourself to fully commit to the program. When looking for results, we have to trust the procsss. Go on the days your tired and the days you don’t feel like going. Create new healthy habits.

Begin increasing your water intake on a daily basis. Not only will you feel better in general, but also during your workouts. Water is essential to proper functions such as oxygen circulation and cooling the body during exercise. It flushes toxins and metabolizes the nutrients we use to fuel our bodies.

Last but not least, surround yourself with the right kind of people. Find those who are like minded and supportive; people that lift you up and help you grow as an individual.

Tips for Nutrition

So getting into a good workout routine here is only half of the battle. Nutrition is a huge part of being successful with this fitness camp, so I asked the SFF dietitian, Rachel, for a few tips and here are her top 3 ways to be successful with nutrition and reaching your goals

Accountability //  We can conquer this by starting a ‘Food Journal’.  There are so many great programs out there such as MyFitnessPal and Nutritionix that you can input your information on what you ate and how much doing the calculations for you. However, one of the best ways is to write it down! Writing down what you ate, how much (portion is key), the time you ate, and also how you felt (tired, hungry, starving, etc) before and after meals/snacks can hold you accountable with your overall goals!

Portion Control // Portion is key! Too much of a good/healthy food item can still be too much! Looking at the food labels and reading ‘serving size’ whether it be getting out measuring cups or counting out a certain amount gets you started in the right direction. Extra calories can add up quick and when we ‘eyeball’ portions sometimes that can be an extra 100-300 calories over one day. It takes 3500 calories to turn into 1 pound so thinking about our extra calories per week/month…we could be gaining that pound quickly! So if weight loss/maintenance is your goal, portion control is a MUST!

Setting Goals //  Start out small! Small goals get you to your overall goal. Maybe it is going from whole milk to 2% milk or going from 60oz of water to 80oz, any of these types of goals bring you closer to success! Make sure your goals pertain to you! It’s not easy to cut something completely out of your diet so reduce the amount before you cut it out. Make sure your goals are realistic and put a time frame on them. Once you accomplish one you make another one. Write them down and read them daily. Go for the goals!

Overall, TRUST THE JOURNEY AND THE PROCESS! It’s not always going to be easy, you will have your rough days, or the days that you feel like you want to give up. As yourself ‘How bad do I want this? How bad do I deserve this?’ Never forget why you started and let that drive you! Surround yourself with like minded individuals that will support and motivate you when you feel like you can’t go any further. Because the truth is YOU CAN! You can do anything…what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you!

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  1. Nicole

    I’m excited to hear how this goes! I really want to build my core strength so I’ll have to follow along to see what you do πŸ™‚


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