Real Talk: Catching Up

I think I’ve discovered the truth about “catching up.” Here it is: there is apparently no such thing as being completely caught up. The to do lists will always grow and there’s always something to be done. 

So, real talk here. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed, over scheduled and slightly uninspired lately. Work is (fortunately) very busy, blog work is growing and the kids are, well, always moving. I really do love all of it, but damn, it’s a lot. Plus, we’ve been sick around here on and off for a couple of months and that is freaking exhausting. We thrive on routine and it has been seriously thrown off.

When it comes to the blog, I’ve been struggling with opening up more and connecting with you all more. I start to write more personal posts and keep thinking “Does anyone really care?” I’m trying to loosen up a bit on that and just write about what’s happening, things I’m thinking or sharing things that I do that may be helpful to other people. I’m positive that I’m overthinking this, but I know that I love reading blogs when I feel like the writer is my “friend” and I know more about them, and I’d like for you all to feel that way here. 

I’ve also found myself playing the comparison game quite a bit lately which is a definite inspiration killer for me. It’s an easy trap to fall into and I’m totally there. I’m in a few blogger groups and I feel like it’s been a lot of negativity. There’s the hatred of the Instagram algorithm, who is getting paid what or getting which collaborations and on and on and on.  

So what am I doing about it? Nothing that’s worked so far. Which I guess means that it’s time to change it up. I’m honestly just going to do my best to tune out the outside noise. I’m going to try and stay focused here, on the blog and post what’s in my heart and on my mind. And I’m trying to get through that to do list to make time in my mind for creativity, fun and the good stuff. 

Now, where to find inspiration? Motivation? I’m hoping that a little more sunshine and outside time will help with that. Also maybe some vacation time will help, we shall see! I get most inspired when I’m having fun and I’m not thinking about needing to come up with the next great idea. I have a lot of fun ideas and things I want to do here on the blog, so I hope to bring those your way over the summer.

Thank you all for reading and for indulging me in this conversation. I always love your feedback and questions, so please comment, ask and let’s talk. Should we do this more often? Maybe just less complaining? I think I’m up for that.

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12 thoughts on “Real Talk: Catching Up

  1. Morgan

    I 100% agree. I’ve tried tuning a lot of the “noise” out as well and it’s helping a little. I also read from another blogger recently to read content outside of blogs ((like magazines)) to gain some outside inspiration.

    How 2 Wear It []

  2. Jessica

    Those wide leg pants are AWESOME! I totally get how you feel about the blog. Sometimes I am not sure anyone cares what I am writing about, and then friends and family randomly comment to me via text that they love the blog! That is where I get my push to continue!
    xo Jessica

  3. Ashley

    First off, I can’t get over this cute outfit! I love these pants!! Second, I totally know all about the comparison game. I find myself getting trapped in the negativity and it really is such a downer. I love the idea of trying to stay focused on the good stuff!

  4. Lauren

    I feel you – it’s hard to find the sweet spot between staying busy and staying inspired – sometimes I’m so busy, I’m too tired to feel inspired! I like being busy, but it’s all about finding “balance” – or at least what feels like balance right now. Keep up the good work on your blog xo


  5. Lauren Mills

    I feel ya Nina! Do you subscribe to Blair & Jess’ s “Blogging For Keeps” emails? I always find them really on point and information you can actually use. They touch on all these things you are feeling. I think Morgan above had great advice to read outside the blogosphere.

    Speaking of catching up, we need to 🙂

    xo Lauren

  6. April

    Nina…I 100% totally know how you feel! I too work full time, have a big family and struggle to find the time to keep it all together with blogging. It is so refreshing to hear other bloggers feeling the same way. I think we live rather close together so if you ever want to get together for coffee or something I would love that!

  7. Hannah

    Those pants are seriously so much fun! You have amazing style! I also think being an adult means your always behind and always tired haha! I am never caught up on anything and every week I have more I have to get done.

    xoxo, Hannah


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