Nautical Nursery Updates

After I got to thinking about it and wrote a blog post about it, I started to feel bad for poor adorable little Dylan and his poor unfinished room. Let’s call it major mom guilt. 

I thought that it may just be that I set my expectations of myself so much higher with Jackson to have his nursery and then his bedroom all finished and perfect. His nursery was done and finished and staged before he was born and then we worked really hard to get his airplane room in the new house finished well before we had Dylan. In the new house, I was extra motivated too because we had so few decorated rooms and I also wanted him to transition to his big boy bed and be comfortable in his space before his life got all turned around with his little brother.

When Dylan was born, I thought there was a chance that we’d keep him in our room for a bit longer than Jackson was (which was 2 weeks), so I also didn’t rush myself on the decorating. Well, that didn’t happen either. He was in his room after less than 3 weeks and couldn’t have cared less that I didn’t really decorate it. 

Also, things got busy so I didn’t prioritize the space. More mom guilt. 

Now that we’re in a pretty good routine and I found some good inspiration, we made a few changes to the nursery and I’m much happier with where we are now.

The Updates

We weren’t too far away from being all set in here but we did make a few small changes that made a big impact. The most noticeable thing, and my favorite, is that we re-worked and added to the artwork. I picked up this boat print from Minted to hang over the crib. I like that it goes perfectly with the nautical theme of the room but will also grow with him when the nursery becomes a little boy bedroom. I had such a hard time deciding between art pieces at Minted and had so many items favorited. I would still like to go back and pick up a couple of personalized pieces for both boys that we could maybe put in the playroom. 

The oar that is paired with it is from a little shop at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World which, if you’ve been reading here for a while you know, is one of of our favorite places. 

Over the crib, we kept the nautical theme going and added these anchor hooks. I didn’t originally plan on hanging anything on them but Clint looked at me kind of funny when I said that, so I added a couple of hats and maybe we will add a few more as we get them.

Finally, we moved his Steamboat Mickey drawing to a wall on its own. I mentioned the Disney thing and as you can see, the love for all things Disney is real around here. Steamboat Mickey is actually also a favorite of my dad’s, and they gifted this print to Dylan. 

I also changed up the way the room looks on a daily basis with a few little tweaks. Now, every morning when I make beds, I put his bumpers back in the crib. I love how they look and I don’t mind taking the extra couple of minutes to put them back in and tie them. I will then straighten out any books that got thrown on the floor during “get ready” time, put the stuffed whale back on the chair and make sure the name blanket is showing.

I’ve sort of adopted this idea that I would like for the house to look presentable and ready just in case anyone stops by during the day. Honestly, I do this more for myself than anyone else because I feel better when things are cleaned up and picked up. 

What’s Next

Jackson wasn’t in a toddler bed until he was more than 2 years old and then got in his big boy bed at about 3 1/2 years old. So thankfully I’m glad we’ve got some time with Dylan to have him settled in his space. 

The next space I’m planning to take on in our house is the entryway and foyer, followed by my office. Stay tuned for more updates on those projects! 

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