How I Make Working from Home Work

When I was working full-time at a marketing agency in Houston, I used to be so jealous of people who got to work from home. I really thought it would be awesome to spend my day in yoga pants, working from the couch, having time to go out to lunch and being SO flexible with my schedule. 

When we moved and I decided not to go back to work in an office, but to work for myself like I do now, I learned that working from home wasn’t exactly the cakewalk I expected it to be. 

Now, are there awesome things about working from home? Yeah, definitely. I do spend a few days here and there working in my yoga pants and that’s pretty great. My schedule is flexible, and that is quite possibly the biggest perk. I can workout when I want, go to the store when I want and, most importantly, if either of the boys is sick or has a field trip, I can be there and I don’t have to check with anyone to make sure that’s okay. And that, is probably the best thing about my job(s), I don’t miss anything that I deem important. 

So there’s a trick to working at home successfully though. And I’m not sure what it is because I’m constantly trying new things to make myself more efficient and productive in all things “work.” There are a few things that have helped a lot and I wanted to talk about those today.


So my schedule is flexible but that’s a good and bad thing. If I don’t actually put a schedule to my day, I find that I’m all over the place and I don’t get anything done or at least I don’t get the right things done. 

What i do is try to create (and write down) blocks of time in my day to work on certain things. This includes everything from when I’m going to workout and do errands. I’ll try to set certain times where “for the next hour I’m solely focused on this client or this blog project.” Now does that always work? No, things pop up. But at least I have a plan. 


So, planning is another huge part of my day. It’s not all that different from scheduling but my plan is typically bigger and more forward-thinking. I’ve recently tried to set specific plans and goals for my weeks, down to the top 3 things i need to finish on any given day. And I divide those up into: Clients, Blog, Home, Personal. Getting my day down to the “must dos” helps me prioritize and really has made me more productive.

I also plan ahead in a month to make sure I have enough “creative” days. These are the days where I will take no meetings, no calls and just sit in the office and brainstorm, write and come up with new things for my clients and for my blog. I never do meetings on Mondays either, and that has really helped me stay on track and get things done!


Of course, making all of this work doesn’t come without some help. On a personal level, I have my husband who is, thankfully, as much of a planner as I am and we work together to make sure things are going to go smoothly for the boys, that we both are good in what we’re doing and it’s a real true partnership between us with running things around here.

From a blog perspective, I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with some amazing partners to grow this space and accomplish some goals I’ve set for myself. As you’ve seen here, I’ve been able to work with brand partners to create some fun content and some of those have been as a result of my partnership an influencer agency like Collectively. They’ve also helped connect me with brands like ThirdLove, Lemi Shine and Munchkin and I love working with them because they’re always really positive, professional and encouraging of me and my site. I’ve just really appreciated the opportunity to work on projects that allow me to grow, be creative and create fun content for you all on a regular basis! 

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