5 Tips for Styling a Console Table

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I know I’ve mentioned it before, but when it comes to home décor, I’m great at the big stuff. I can pick out a couch, make a decision on a rug or a table pretty easily. I tend to know what I like and, when I have a budget to stick within, I’m good to go.

Now, my biggest design challenges in our home are in the details. I’m constantly envious of people’s perfectly styled bookshelves and coffee tables. So I decided to take on a detail-oriented project that would have huge impact on our home: our living room console table.

This console table was serving as a catch-all space for my laptop, the mail, random toys and things we were trying to keep out of the baby’s reach (for now). So it was time to make it a little more refined and finish up the project.

I found that Pier 1 was the perfect spot (and actually a one stop shop for me!) to get this done. My mom is a big Pier 1 shopper and always manages to find the cutest things in store, so I knew I would have good luck (and I may have had too good of luck, judging by the amount of times I’ve been back for unrelated purchases!).

Go Big

When I walked into Pier 1, this gorgeous Golden Impressions painting was right there, just staring at me saying “Buy me. I’m your inspiration piece!” Just trust me, I heard it.

You absolutely need to start somewhere with a project like this and I think the bigger the piece you start with, the better. I find it easier to pick little things once the big ones are done.

Finding a piece of art is exceptionally challenging, so I knew when I found this that the shades of gray, along with the gold accents would make for the perfect piece for our room and the large wall over the table.

Mix Metals

As you can see, our living room is primarily gray but is accented with gold in our side tables, the fabric of a chair and in our rug. What I love about this is that it gives me a lot of versatility when I add décor details.

I definitely say to add a bit of interest with metal, and maybe a bit of sparkle (but let’s not go TOO crazy with sparkle, okay?). These candleholders were the second thing I found on my console table décor search and the gold is just perfect. I also loved the natural element of them with the birds. It’s subtle but also a bit special.

Let There be Light

I’m talking light in the form of both lamps and candles. We don’t have ceiling lights in our living room so we have a total of 4 lamps to keep things bright in the evenings.

I’ve always been a fan of these stacked globe lamps. They’re modern and sleek, which is just what the room calls for. And since we’re mixing metals, the silver works perfectly.

Also on the candles, I mixed both scented and unscented. I just love the new Magnolia Blooms fragrance for summer. It’s light, feminine and just soft and luxurious. It felt like a perfect fit.

Add Color

While I definitely gravitate toward neutrals, I think adding a little bit of color is really important. I chose to do this by tying in the blue from the rest of the room.

I used these pretty peacock candles for both shimmer and color, and the same for the photo frames.

Adding color can be subtle, like I’ve done it. You could also add more with a full set of colorful candles (which you can change out seasonally) or even with pieces of greenery.

Make it Personal

So I said I was bad at details, right? I’m also TERRIBLE at having current photos around. Poor Dylan was in all of two photos in our home until I started working on this. And Jackson is 5, but most of the photos of him that we have out are more than 3 years old. Clearly, I needed an update.

I picked up an assortment of frames in different sizes, shapes and textures to make a bit of an eclectic display. I love having this display because I hope it will encourage me to constantly update my photos – and how did I wait so long to get out the hilarious school photos of the boys?

I can forsee myself heading back into Pier 1 often to check out the frame selection and add more, change them out seasonally and really have fun tweaking this part of our display.

What are some of your biggest design challenges at home? How do you do with the details?


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  1. Stephanie

    these are such excellent tips! i’m in the process of a home renovation, and i just know i’ll be coming back to this for inspiration as i keep moving forward!


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