Home Inspiration: Nautical Nursery

Dylan is 13 months old now and I would say that his room is maybe 75% done. He has furniture, cute bedding and some little decorative pieces sitting around that you could say give it a theme. He also has frames with old photos (from like 8 years before he was born), and lots of blank spaces. 

A while back, when I wrote this post, I said that I was waiting till he was born to finish up the details so they would show more of his personality. That was totally true and I still intend to do that, but I just haven’t done it yet. Let’s just say that life with two kids got busy really fast and, because the space was functioning just fine, the decorating took on a lower priority. 

Jackson’s room is all done and beautiful (in my opinion – see it here!), so I’d like for Dylan’s room to catch up. I plan on sticking with the nautical nursery theme, because I love the pieces we have so far. But here’s what I’m thinking we need:

  • Artwork // We are missing some color in this room and I’d really like to change that. I think artwork is a great way to start. I have been browsing Minted a lot for children’s artwork and I’ve been pretty impressed by the options and price points! I love the idea of this customizable sailboat print for a more personal touch. But I also think this boat print is really cool and would add a bit more sophistication and less “baby” to his room. 
  • Personal Touches // This obviously includes updating the photos in his frames. I’d love cute brother photos or something so I think I will print out a newborn photo or some from our family photo session last summer (till we do a new one this summer). I’d also like to find some way to incorporate initials or monograms somewhere. Maybe it’s a pillow or letters on one of the walls. 
  • Details // The glider chair isn’t going anywhere, so we probably need a pillow. I’d also like to see if I could find a round rug for the middle of the room. I also love these little anchor hooks to hang as a set of 3 somewhere too. 

The little details like this are the thing I’m worst at when it comes to decorating, so if you have any tips, please send them my way! 

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