Park City Packing List + Favorite Restaurants

Nearly every year we take a vacation in February, and you’d think that because we live in such a cold place that we’d be escaping to somewhere warm and tropical. But no. We almost always choose to take a ski vacation and go to Park City time and time again. I love it out there because it is so laid back and relaxed, the skiing is great and we always enjoy lots good restaurants and have so much fun. 

I’m assuming at least some of you are like us and are planning ski Spring Break trips so I wanted to share my Park City packing list and give you an idea of what I take with me on a trip like this. 

Clint and I usually share two suitcases, one for our ski gear and one for clothes. This sort of helps me not overpack because I need to save space for his stuff, but both bags are usually on the heavy side no matter what. 

I also started off this trip with this new matching set of travel bags thanks to Barrington Gifts. I carry and love my St. Anne’s Tote almost every single day (it is THE PERFECT everyday bag for work and/or mom life) and was so excited to add the Belmont Cabin Bag to my travel collection. The bag is super roomy and, along with being a great weekender bag, it’s great for your ski day gear to take to and from the mountain. 

And without further ado, here’s my ski trip packing list: 

Ski Gear

For the first time in probably 6 years, I bought almost all new ski gear. Now, that’s a nice thing but it was out of necessity because, since having Dylan, I managed to outgrow my older stuff. Let’s just say that my hips aren’t exactly where they used to be. I was really happy with my new things so this is what all I took with me (and little reviews on some of the items):

  • Athleta Ravenswood Ski Pants // I wanted soft-sided pants in a bright color and I chose these in what I’ll call the “robin’s egg blue.” They are awesome and I highly recommend them. I was really warm and dry (even on a rainy ski day or sitting on an icy chair lift). As far as sizing, I went up a size to a 6 and ordered petite for the shorter length. They fit perfectly with my base layer underneath and I felt comfortable and was able to move really well.
  • The North Face Heavenly Jacket // Call me crazy but I really wanted a white jacket to go with my new colorful pants and I chose this one from The North Face because it was well reviewed. I would also add my high scoring review to this one. It was very light and not bulky at all, but also very warm. I didn’t feel the wind or rain at all and I had no problem moving around and skiing in it. It’s also on sale right now at Zappos if you’re interested!
  • Helly Hansen Base Layer // Santa knew I needed new base layer pieces this year so I was lucky enough to get these for Christmas. When I got these pants I was very skeptical that they’d actually be warm because they are so lightweight. But they were surprisingly very warm with my ski pants. And also really comfortable and I didn’t find that I was sweating a lot or needing to adjust them at all throughout the day. For tops I have this quarter-zip (which I wear with this tee underneath), and this simple long-sleeve top (which I do not layer under but may wear a vest over). I like both these because they’re warm and light but also they work well for looking cute at apres ski cocktails. Seriously, I just said that. It’s important.
  • Smartwool Socks // I think that Smartwool makes the best ski socks, so I stick with those. I usually take 3-4 pair out on the trip just so I have extras. I wear a pair and then bring one in my ski bag to the mountain, just in case. These are always super warm, not irritating or weird to wear and they work well with my snow boots after skiing, as well. 
  • The North Face Gloves // I can’t find my exact pair but I have North Face gloves (that I’ve had forever) that have a shell and then a liner glove with E-tips. These are the most similar to what I have and these are like the liners if you wanted to just wear them on your own for being around town or whatnot.
  • Smith Optics Goggles // Goggles are a ski essential for sure. You need them for snowy days and, on this last trip, for the rainy days. I have these white Smith Optics goggles and I really like them. They fit nicely, they don’t fog up and I’m really happy with them!
  • Smith Optics Helmet // I have only been skiing in a helmet for a few years but now that I do, I wouldn’t ever ski without it again. I feel so much more comfortable with it on and it’s surprisingly warm. I just wanted a shiny black helmet, and I know Smith is a good brand so I went with this one. I’ve been very happy with it 
  • Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots // Oddly enough, I bought these boots when we lived in Houston and did one ski trip a year. But they have been 100% worth it and I would buy them all over again! I like them because they’re warm but not super bulky and do have some street style to them. I wear them to the mountain, walking around town and even out to a casual dinner if it’s a snowy day. When I’m home, these are what I wear for winter day grocery shopping or running errands. I could sing the praises on these ALL day because I love them and they’re a definite must buy!

Street Style

I laughed a little bit as I titled this section because my ski “street style” seems to have a lot more to do with function than fashion. That being said, I still try to look cute while staying warm, and I also try my best to bring only a few outfits with pieces I can mix and match. 

  • Pants // I traveled in my favorite jeans and sneakers, so that I would have a regular pair of jeans with me, then I brought the same pair in black for dressing up for dinner. My “dressy” look was with my black velvet pants (which are now on sale here and here).  
  • Sweaters & Tops // I went with easy sweaters for daytime including this striped one and this sparkly one. I also brought this long sleeve shirt in a couple of colors because it’s so soft (and such a good deal to get in multiple colors!). 
  • Accessories // I kept things simple here and brought one small crossbody purse. Then for jewelry I brought my favorite earrings (these and these) and a choker to dress up my dinner looks. The only other shoes I brought were my go-to Rag & Bone booties. They’ve been another amazing boot investment that I’d highly recommend!
  • Comfies // At our house we call our lazy day apparel “comfies,” whether that’s athleisure apparel, pajama pants or just whatever is comfortable. You’re wearing your comfies! So I brought a few outfits to wear around the house after skiing and just when we were hanging out. I brought along this sweater, my favorite two pair of yoga pants (these and these), this open back sweater and this top

Park City Restaurant Recommendations

One of the questions I am most often asked about Park City is where we like to eat. Truth be told, we plan our vacations around dining so I’ve got a few favorites that I’m happy to share with you!

  • High West Distillery // This is one of our favorite dinner spots! They don’t take reservations so you may have to plan on a wait but the food is totally worth it. I love their chicken pot pie and Clint has always ordered short ribs. It’s a laid-back atmosphere and is just a great spot. You can also do distillery tours there during the day and we also stopped there for a mid-day drink when we were just shopping around town one day.
  • Burgers & Bourbon // We go to Burgers & Bourbon (at the Montage) for the wagyu beef nachos appetizer. They are SO good and never disappoint. The burgers are also fantastic and we do the spiked milkshakes for dessert (order the S’more one!).  
  • Yuki Yama Sushi // On our day in town on this last trip, we were craving sushi and tried this restaurant right on Main Street. It was awesome and we loved the variety of the rolls and the service was awesome. 
  • Apex at the Montage // This is my favorite ski lunch spot. It’s a fancy and delicious buffet that goes really well with a cold glass of pinot grigio. 
  • No Name Saloon // This is sort of a Park City classic. The food is bar food (which is pretty good) but you go for the atmosphere and if it’s a nice day you can sit on the rooftop patio and the view is awesome!

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14 thoughts on “Park City Packing List + Favorite Restaurants

  1. Stephanie

    First of all, I totally love those bags. They’re so elegant! Secondly, it was fun to read more about what was inside. It’s so cool to see how others like to pack. Everyone does it differently. You’ve also got me itching to visit all those yummy restaurants!

    Stephanie //

  2. Kristina

    Jealous!! I have actually NEVER been skiing but hope to try it sometime in the near future. I have absolutely NO winter gear though so I’ll have to reference this post later 🙂

    xo, Kristina


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