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Before we bought, renovated and moved into our home, I really thought it was possible to easily have a completely decorated home.

If you’ve figured out how to do that, please tell me how. Because I’m pretty sure our house is a very long-term project that we’ll be constantly tweaking. FOREVER.

One of the things I’ve felt like we did really well was to invest in big pieces like couches, rugs and even lamps. Really the things that are long-lasting pieces that set up a good base for a room. On the other hand, the little things like books, small decorative pieces and frames are seriously lacking around our house.

I really started to notice this after our trip to Texas back in the summer. At my mother-in-law’s house, there are lots of photos up and things on the walls from their travels. When we got home I walked in and realized that our house was pretty bare, almost stark. I also noticed that we had lots of photos of Clint and I, or of Jackson around the house but nothing of Dylan and our newly completed family. So, I set out to make some “tweaks” to our decor and found Framebridge.


I cannot say enough good things about working with Framebridge! It’s so simple and quick. I uploaded the two photos I wanted to use and then chose to do the Designers Choice framing. To do that, I filled out a brief form to tell the designers about our style. A day or so later, I got an E-mail with a few options. I chose to have both of the photos framed the same, since they’d be stacked together in the living room. 

When the frames arrived, we were so impressed by the quality! They also came with a hand written note thanking us for our business and saying that they hoped we enjoyed our frames. They also came with all of the hardware necessary, which was super convenient. I’m so happy with how the framed photos turned out and I love how they complete this part of our living room.

One thing I also wanted to mention is the cost. Framing can be so costly! Framebridge frames start at $59 and go up to $139, which is really reasonable and the quality of the products looks so much more expensive than it is. 


I’m sold. We had a great experience and have already started a list of a few other framing projects we’ll be sending to Framebridge.

If you’re thinking of holiday gifts for family, this is a perfect thing to send! Framebridge also wanted to offer you all a discount for your next framing project. You can save 15% on your first Framebridge purchase by using the code HSSFEED15. 

Thanks to Framebridge for partnering on this post.


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