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I have a very serious sweet tooth, so that makes me even more excited about today’s post! Zak & Mac’s Chocolate Haus is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan, in the most adorable shop. The store just recently rebranded and has introduced lots of deliciously amazing new products over the last few months, so I made a little trip there to check out the latest for fall. 

Most everything you’ll find at Zak & Mac’s is made in house and they are constantly developing new products and flavors. I picked a perfect day to visit because, just in time for fall, they were prepping a few big trays of one of their new treats: pumpkin spice caramel corn (with chocolate drizzle). Admittedly, I got to take a bag home with me and I totally hid it from Jackson so that I didn’t have to share! But don’t worry, I brought home a few other things for him.


Another favorite for fall is the pumpkin spiced toffee, which is covered in white chocolate and a few festive sprinkles. There are 16 toffees in store and they’re infused with things like coffee, pineapple, peanut butter, or rum, and covered in chocolate. The pumpkin spice is really sweet and subtle, and makes the perfect hostess gift for this season (but get some for yourself too). 

Truffles are another personal favorite of mine and I loved getting to try the new Dark Chocolate Energy Balls. As a little reader treat, I’ll be sending out the recipe in a special edition of my newsletter on Sunday, so make sure you’re signed up! If you’re not already a subscriber, just scroll up to the top of the right sidebar and enter your E-mail address. 

If you see anything that you want to try in this post or even on the Zak & Mac’s Chocolate Haus Facebook page, but you don’t live nearby, you can always call (989-652-9331) and order to have things shipped to you. If you live nearby, it’s worth a special trip to Frankenmuth to pick up a sweet treat! 



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