Beauty Trend: The Dramatic Eye

laura mercier smoky eye

Fall beauty this season is absolutely gorgeous and I’m excited to share some great new things with you all in the next few beauty posts I have planned. Since I had Dylan (and probably for a while before) I have been doing my makeup the exact same way. Every. Single. Day. So I’m beyond due for a makeup refresh. 

The first thing I did was a big clean out of my make up drawer(s). I had eye palettes in there that sat untouched for quite some time, or with one or two empty colors. There were dried out mascaras and eyeliners, plus an entire drawer of samples collected from gifts with purchase or that I’ve received from brands. I went through everything and got rid of anything that was really old or that I just knew wasn’t something I’d actually use. Then it was time to restock. 

The Laura Mercier Dramatic Eye

I went to Neiman Marcus and met with Kristina at Laura Mercier to talk about the brand’s 20th anniversary, as well as the dramatic eye trend. We talked about how timeless Laura Mercier’s looks and products are, and I can’t help but agree that so many of the products in the line are classic and easy to use no matter your taste in makeup. 

laura-mercier-dramatic-eye laura-mercier-somerset-collection

I was really excited to change things up and get a Laura Mercier Dramatic Eye tutorial. As you can see from the finished look (below), it’s definitely more dramatic than what I usually wear and definitely what I was going for. This Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect fall palette for eyes! It’s got warm colors, earth tones and a touch of purple, so you can create a variety of looks from simple to dramatic. We used about 4-5 shades for my eyes, but you can really create it with as few as 2-3. Along with the Laura Mercier signature, Tight Line, the eyeliner is the new Instant Ink 24 Hour Brush Liner and it’s amazing. It’s like a pen, so even if you’re not so good at using liquid liner or creating a wing, this will make it SO much easier to do it. I found that the product was easy to control and it also lasted a long, long time. Truth be told, I didn’t want to wash my face that night because I liked this look so much!

laura-mercier-neiman-marcus laura-mercier-smoky-eye

With a dramatic eye, I personally prefer a nude lip. Kristina did what she called the “Kardashian Lip” on me (it’s what Kim is wearing on the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar). Now, I’m not exactly a Kardashian fan, but I really, really like how this nude lip turned out and I plan to head back to the store to purchase all of the products for it.

We started by using this Infusion de Rose Lip Balm to prep and moisturize. I would get this and use it every night before bed, and as needed throughout the day. The colors of the lip are creamy, natural and gorgeous. They are:  Velour Lovers Lip Color in Sensual, Lip Glace in Opal and Lip Liner in Hazelnut Tea.

I would so highly recommend calling Kristina if you want to make an appointment to get your makeup done and learn some tips and tricks on how to create this look. You can call the Laura Mercier counter at Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection at 248.643.3300 x 2120

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My “Everyday” Version of the Look

As a mom, who works at home with the occasional meeting or kid-related event, doing this beautiful smoky eye everyday isn’t always practical. But this palette is so versatile that I was able to create an everyday look with a little more drama than usual. 

laura-mercier-dramatic-eye-everyday laura-mercier-extreme-neutrals-palette I used four colors from my Laura Mercier palette for this super easy, everyday look. I did #1 all over my lid, #2 in the crease, #3 to blend 1 & 2 together and then #4 on my brow bone as more of a highlighter. I’m really excited to play with it a bit more and try using the purples a bit (maybe with this eyeliner).  


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