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Barre Code Seat Series 2a

I’m excited to welcome back Lindsay, co-owner of The Barre Code Metro Detroit, to share a summer seat workout that’s sure to help you keep in that swimsuit shape as summer rolls on!

This seat series is no joke! I always like to try the workouts that Lindsay creates (see here and here) before I post them on the blog and I’ve been doing this one every other day for a couple of weeks now and I’ve definitely felt it the next day after each workout. I’ve been doing 2-3 sets of 8-10, in addition to my cardio days. 

So here’s Lindsay to talk you through this one – enjoy the burn ladies!

The temperatures are heating up, and in the spirit of being right in the middle of music festival season 2016, here is a seat series sure to make those glutes feel like they are fireworkin’! Enjoy!

Barre Code Seat Series 1

  • Lollapalooza-Lift-that-Bridge Glute Poke
    • A: Start lying down on back, arms by sides and heels pulled in close to the seat. Press into the heels and squeeze the seat to lift the hips off of the mat.
    • B: Press your left heel into the mat and point the right toes as you extend the right leg towards the ceiling. Squeeze from the seat and the left hamstring to pulse the hips upwards

Barre Code Seat Series 2

  • Bonnaroo Bonna-glute Wrap
    • A: Start lying on your side, hips stacked, pressing out of the forearm to engage the obliques. Bend the knees slightly, point the toes, and hover the top leg to hip height. Tap the knee in front; keep the toes lifted as you squeeze the inner thighs.
    • B: Squeeze the seat, wrapping back through the inner thigh to tap the toe behind the hip. Keep the hips stacked and resist rocking side to side as you alternate tapping the knee and the toe.

Barre Code Seat Series 3

  • Burning Man, Flaming Seat
    • Start lying on your side, hips stacked, pressing out of the forearm to engage the obliques. Bend the bottom knee and pull it closer to the torso, stopping when in line with the hips. Activate the outer hips to hover the top leg in line with the hips. Point the toe, bend at the knee to engage the hamstrings, and wrap the leg slightly back so the top knee is slightly behind the top hip. Engage the core, reach the top arm long to engage the obliques. Squeeze the seat muscles to poke the toe, as if you’re trying to tap your own shoulder.

My thanks to Lindsay for guest posting here again and I hope you all give this workout a try! In case you missed it, be sure to check out the details on one of my favorite Barre Code classes, TBC, here. And keep up with the ladies of The Barre Code Metro Detroit on their Facebook page to get the latest on upcoming events!

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Photos thanks to Tosha Cole Photography.


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