Dylan at Six Months + Baby Favorites

Six Month Update Baby Monitor Post

I know that these updates are sounding a little bit repetitive, but Dylan continues to be the happiest, sweetest little baby! He really has made life as a family of four much easier because he is such an easy baby and just fits right in. He was definitely meant to be part of our family and I’m so thankful for him every day. We just love this sweet boy!

By the Numbers: Dylan is still a tiny little peanut! He weights 16.9 pounds and is 26″ tall. He’s wearing 3-6 months clothes, and can still even fit into a few 3 month items. We make them little, what can I say?!

Sleep: We’re lucky to still have a good sleeper! We apparently bypassed the 4 month sleep regression (score!) and he has been sleeping anywhere from 11-13 hours a night, sort of depending on how naps went on any given day. Over the weekend, we had a few sleep interruptions where he wanted to practice crawling instead of sleeping. We’ll also often get a little 5:30 wakeup calls over the monitor where he wants to chat and babble, but thankfully, he gets that out of his system without us having to go get him, and falls back to sleep for a couple more hours.

Eat: This kid LOVES to eat! Transitioning to solids has been really successful and he has loved everything we’ve given him. He would probably prefer to do without green beans but we still include them in the rotation every so often anyway and he’ll still eat the whole container. 

First Airplane Ride Dylan on a boat

Moving Around: While we’re working on sitting, it’s probably Dylan’s least favorite thing to do. He would prefer to work on crawling! He is an expert at getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. He also loves playing in his jumper and just got a new walker for cruising around the house.

We also did some actual moving around since the last update and Dylan went on his first airplane ride and first boat ride in Texas. Right before we left he learned how to do what only can be described as a “Raptor Squeal,” which was a delightful development. He did it a few times on the plane but followed it up with a giant smile and managed to charm everyone on the plane. We’re going to call trip one a huge success!

Six Month Update Baby Monitor Dylan Pool Six Months

What we love now: We’ve got lots of favorite products now that we’re six months in, and I’m still constantly surprised by how much has changed in the four years between Jackson and Dylan. 

  • Video Monitor // When we knew we needed to upgrade our baby monitor to one with two cameras, we looked at lots of monitors and read tons of reviews. I’m so glad we went with a video monitor for Dylan because we are able to peek in at him and see what he’s doing and if he needs anything before going in to check on him – and a lot of times we can see that he’s just “talking” to himself or playing with his feet.
  • Owlet // We’ve found that, paired with our video monitor, that using the Owlet has helped us feel so much more comfortable at night, especially with Dylan being as solid of a sleeper as he is. I love being able to check my phone for his heart rate and oxygen levels, and it’s just incredibly reassuring.
  • Sleep Sack // We always swaddled Jackson in a traditional swaddle, but with Dylan we’ve been using a sleep sack and it has been SO much easier! 
  • Old Navy Outfits // Now that we’re a little closer to needing to go up a size in clothing for Dylan, and he needs some “play clothes” for daycare, I’ve been doing some shopping. Old Navy has some of the cutest little onesie/pant combinations in fall prints. I picked up this one and this one last week – they’re also really soft and cozy!

What’s Jackson Doing: First of all: reading! We’re super proud of Jackson and how far he has come with his reading and writing over the summer. We can put things in front of him and he will sound out the words and read them. We’re working on planning his activities for fall and he wants to stay in gymnastics (he told us that he wants to do what the Olympians do, but we’ll see!) and I think we will also do soccer. He will also start young 5’s after Labor Day and we’re super excited for a new school year!


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