21 Day Sugar Detox

21 day sugar detox essentials

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that I did a 21 Day Sugar Detox in July. It started the week after the 4th of July and just ended last week. I learned about the detox from Andrea Drew (who you’ve seen post on the blog here and here), and she is a 21 Day Sugar Detox coach, so I was excited to work with her on it. I wanted to do this because I was feeling like I needed some motivation be healthy, feel better overall and try to work on my post-baby weight loss. I wasn’t doing it specifically to lose weight but was hoping that it would be enough of a diet change to make that happen as a positive side effect! Today I want to share my experience with you. Everyone probably does and handles their detoxes differently, but here’s what I thought about it and what worked for me!

21 day sugar detox prep

About the Detox

As the name obviously implies, the detox is 3 weeks long and you are eliminating, or at least drastically reducing, the sugar in your diet. I felt that it was sort of going to be a reset for my system, which I felt I needed after the ups and downs of having a baby and trying to get back into shape.

The biggest thing with the detox is that you essentially cut out all processed foods, many of which have hidden sugar. You also cut out the majority of fruit (which turned out to be the hardest part for me), and can only have a green apple, grapefruit or green tipped banana each day. You’re trying to re-train your tastebuds to not crave that sugar quite so much. I also tried to cut out a lot of dairy, simply because I wanted to see how I felt without it, but the detox allows for full-fat dairy, otherwise.

The meals are focused on protein and veggies, with a bit of fat and lots of flavor. Because I’ve been working out consistently, I did the energy modification which allowed me to have more carbs, and I usually did sweet potato or quinoa.

Along with a guide book and lots of recipes, during the three week detox, there is a private Facebook group set up and three calls with the coaches. In these, they were there to talk about what you may be experiencing, what’s to come and just in general things that people have liked, not liked or to answer any questions. I found the group to be really helpful because the coaches Andrea and Erica would post a lot of “you may be feeling…” sort of things, along with recipes and they were always really quick to respond to questions. It also make me feel accountable!

21 day sugar detox breakfast

My Experience & Results

I started the detox really optimistic and motivated to do my best to make it through successfully. Clint and I did a really good grocery shop the day before the detox started and then did a ton of prep. We had vegetables cut up, soup made for lunches and lots of things prepped to make easy healthy dinners. Our evenings tend to be a little busy with the boys going to bed at different times and the fact that Dylan’s evening routine is right in the middle of “dinnertime,” so that prep was really important to doing this right. 

A couple of days in, I did start getting some headaches and I was probably a little bit cranky but I found that all of that really subsided by the end of the first week.  In the second week, I found that I felt really energetic, was sleeping really well and I was really buying in to the detox working. I will say that the last week was probably the hardest because I almost felt like I was tired of it. Tired of trying to plan meals and stick with it, but by the time day 21 came, I really did feel super accomplished and happy that I had done the detox. 

I found that because I was already working so hard on my diet, that I was more motivated to stick to my workouts. I think because of that combination, I lost about 5 pounds during the detox. The detox timing was also probably great for me because it was during a time where we were really, really busy. So, surprisingly, that was a good thing because I wasn’t always thinking of my next meal and what I’d be cooking or, in some cases, what I couldn’t eat that day.

I was very pleased with how I felt after the detox and that little bit of weight loss helped me want to keep eating this way (for the most part) and trying to continue keeping some of the detox habits in my normal routine.

I would highly recommend trying the detox if it’s something that you’re at all interested in. You can get more information about the detox with Andrea here and she’s great with answering questions to get you started!

21 Day Sugar Detox Dinner


Did this totally suck?

Not surprisingly, this was a question I got a lot from friends and readers A LOT. Did parts of it suck? Yeah, kind of, but not so bad that I wouldn’t do it again. I actually plan on doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox twice a year, probably once after the holidays and once in the summer again. The hardest part to me was when I’d really want a glass of wine, but that’s a no no on the detox. 

Did you cheat?

Yes, I did. I did have a couple of glasses of wine over the course of the three weeks but that was pretty much it.

Did you have any favorite recipes?

Yes! I made this board on Pinterest to round up some recipes for the detox and some of my favorites were: 

What do you do now?

For me, I want to continue eating the way we did on the detox for the most part. For me, that means focusing on putting more vegetables in our diet, lean proteins and just minimizing sugar. One of my bad habits was drinking juice every morning, and I don’t do that anymore and I don’t miss it. I also will now have either coconut milk or whole milk in my coffee, instead of skim, and I’ve found that I like it better now! I will be happy to be able to have more fruit in my diet, as well. I didn’t think I was much of a fruit person but missed begin able to have yogurt with strawberries or making a smoothie for a snack when I was on the detox. 

Do you have any more questions? Either leave a comment here or E-mail me and if I have enough questions, I’ll do another post and even a Q&A with Andrea!


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