#MommyMonday: Well-Kept

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Although I’m trying to disconnect a little more in the evenings and on the weekends, I’m a bit of a phone fanatic. And because my work (both for the blog and my marketing company) is highly focused on the digital space, and I’m taking non-stop photos of the kids and their latest cute thing (everything), I make the excuse that I’ve always got to have my phone with me.

I do use my calendars (and so many reminders – I think Siri hates me) to stay organized and on track. I use it for posting photos for the blog and keeping up with friends on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

I’ve also become a bit of an app collector lately. Besides the usual Facebook/Instagram/Twitter apps, these are a few of my app must-haves:

  • VSCO // This is what I use for all of my on-the-go photo editing. It’s super easy and lets you brighten up photos, add filters and make even the tiniest tweaks! 
  • Headspace // I mentioned this last week (in this post) and it’s a guided meditation app. I like to use this one in the mornings when I get a chance to take some quiet time for myself. 
  • Gyft // My dad actually introduced me to this one! It’s a gift card app that you can use to send gifts, and receive them. My dad is sweet enough to send Starbucks and Barnes & Noble cards on a “just because” basis, and it’s great to just have them all handy in the app whenever we make an unexpected stop at either of those places!
  • Snapchat // I don’t snap all that much because I don’t feel like I’m doing that many exciting things lately, but I do really enjoy watching other people’s snaps! If you do want to follow me, my username is ninarand.
  • Cozi Family Organizer // This is a great one for keeping a family calendar. We use it to keep track of appointments, who is going to be gone when, when the nanny is coming and, of course, organizing all of the boys activities. If you get this one, it’s worth it to upgrade to the Gold version. The views are better and I just find it to be much easier to use!
  • Workout apps // I use the Pure Barre app to book my classes in advance and I love that it adds reminders to your calendar! I also use the Apple Activity app that syncs to my Apple Watch to keep track of my workout calendar, steps, etc.

These Well Kept wipes are the latest addition to my “wipes collection” in my purse and/or diaper bag. They’re screen cleansing towelettes, so they are perfect for keeping your phone clean after you’ve bribed your child with “egg videos” on YouTube (why do all kids love these?) and cleaning up the general germy grossness that takes over your phone on a regular basis. You can also use them on glasses, your iPad or computer screen, so they’re a great purse staple to have on hand! I’m keeping a pack in my bag and a pack in my car lately, because I find myself reaching for them so often.

Our #MommyMonday ladies are all sharing their favorite apps for staying organized (and just for playing!) on their blogs today. Be sure to head to their sites and check out their picks and check out Instagram tonight at 7:00 PM EST for an amazing giveaway!:

I’d love to hear from you all on what your favorite apps are that help keep you organized or are just really cool and fun to use! 

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