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I swear I almost laughed out loud when I titled this post because quiet moments are just slightly uncommon around here lately.

We’ve been hosting get togethers, traveling a bit (and planning for more) and managing construction and decorating projects at home, all along with launching a new business and just trying to keep up with all of the activities of summer with two little boys, so I’ll take a bit of peace and quiet where I can get it.

With everything going on, it’s been very easy for me to get overwhelmed so I’ve been taking the opportunity to be still in doses, where I can get it and I want to share with you my three favorite ways to enjoy the quiet: 

Quiet time with Starbucks

ONE // One of the things I used to love, and don’t do very often anymore, is to make a special trip to Barnes & Noble to pick up a stack of magazines and sit down with a cup of tea to just flip through them all at once. We make at least a monthly trip to the bookstore to pick up new kids books, so when we do that, I make sure to grab a magazine or two for myself and I set them aside. 

Now, I know I can pretty much count on Dylan to take a great morning nap (for maybe 2 hours). I usually take the first 30 minutes of his nap to take a lap around the house to pick up, start laundry, clean up the kitchen from breakfast and respond to my E-mails. But when those few things are done, I like to grab a cup of tea (I’ve been drinking this chai tea lately and it’s a spicy sweet change from my coffee!) and just sit and read for a bit. Not only do I enjoy this, but it helps me stay plugged in to what’s new, what’s trending and gives me ideas for the blog, my marketing business and for our house and family.

Jura Capresso Tazo Chai Tea

TWO // Another thing I’ve just started doing is guided meditations with the Headspace app. Now, this was TOTALLY not my thing but I read an article about the app and decided to give it a try. The app gives you 10 free 10 minute guided meditations when you sign up and then you can subscribe for more. I like to do this either before I go to bed or when I wake up in the morning and it’s just a nice way to be quiet, still and mindful. Plus with it being on your phone, it’s something you can do anywhere!

THREE // Finally, sometimes you need a little quick fix and on a day where I’m particularly stressed or irritated, I get out my Tata Harper aromatic treatments. As I’ve been dealing with some postpartum hormonal mood swings, my mom picked up the Aromatic Irritability Treatment for me and said “Just give it a try.” All you do is put the oil on pulse points or put a couple of drops in your hands, rub them together, cup them over your nose and mouth and take a few deep breaths. The scent is really soothing and, if nothing else, it requires you to stop and take a minute to calm down and relax. I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s also a bedtime treatment that is meant to help you relax and soothe you into sleep. Sign. Me. Up.

Thank you to Starbucks for partnering on this post.

Photos thanks to Tosha Cole Photography.


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