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Basement Playroom Renovation Basement Playroom

Alright, I finally have another finished room in our house to share with you! 

After Dylan was born, we quickly realized that we needed to somehow create more space for all of the boys’ things and somewhere that would be a dedicated play space. We’re out of options in the main living area of the house but, fortunately, our basement is the size of the entire footprint of our house, so we had plenty of room to work with, but a few details to try and figure out. 

What We Did

The room we decided to make into our basement playroom was the second largest space in the basement. It’s a good sized room, but also contained a (not working) fireplace and the furnace and we needed to figure out what to do with both of those. We first considered moving the furnace to make the room feel larger. After looking into it, we learned it was a bit cost-prohibitive and would also require us to lower the ceiling quite a bit and it wasn’t all that high to begin with (thank goodness we’re not tall). Instead, we found out how much space we needed to leave around the furnace for servicing and such, and had a sort of closet built around it. 

Playroom Before Playroom Door

After that, it was fairly easy to make the room into the functional space that we wanted for our family. We finished and insulated the walls, added a drop ceiling, cushy carpet, can lights and had the doors refinished. The doors in the basement are all original to the house and they didn’t really work all that well (they would stick or not even actually close). The back door leads to a storage room filled with all sorts of holiday decorating things that the boys would probably love to get their hands on, but that has now been keyed and the key hidden. We also had the entry door turned into a barn door style door that can roll open and closed on a track. It makes it really nice to not take up any space away from the inside of the room with the open door. 

Playroom Progress Playroom Renovation After

For the fireplace, we had it whitewashed and then the inside painted black. Then there is a screen inside so that no one can put any Legos or other random characters in there, and it is finished with a decorative iron grate. I love how it looks, but wanted to make sure it was safe when the day comes that the boys can play down there by themselves.

Playroom Renovation Finished Renovation After Svan Ice Cream Cart

So where’s the furniture?

Good question.

Our plan right now is to not purchase furniture for the room for at least a little while. We’re debating adding built-ins to one of the walls, but we want to see how we use the space before we do so because we’re not convinced that this storage unit from Pottery Barn Kids wouldn’t do the job perfectly.

In the meantime, we got this cute art table from my parents and its the perfect piece for now. Jackson can sit there and color, play a game or do a puzzle. Oh, and a wooden train set fits perfectly on it! 

I also plan on sort of theming the room a bit when it comes to decorating. We want to do a super hero theme that can grow with the boys a bit. My 30-something husband is still a super hero movie fan so I’m convinced it’ll take them a while to outgrow this if we can do it right. We picked up this “Every Brother is a Super Hero” piece from Pottery Barn Kids and then are going to get some of cool sketches of Captain America, Superman and Ironman (maybe others) from an artist that Clint went to school with. I think it’ll all come together to be a really cool space for the boys to play and grow in!

The first new toy addition to the room is this adorable wooden Ice Cream Cart from Svan. It is so cute and so well made, that we found it to be the perfect playroom toy for our ice cream obsessed 4-year-old. Needless to say, we’ve all been “ordering” ice cream from him for days now. It also has a little chalkboard on the side where you can write the “specials” and such, but we’re saving the chalk for a later date when we’re a little more ready to mess up the playroom!


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