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The Barre Code Metro Detroit review featured by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed.

This week, I’m excited to feature The Barre Code Metro Detroit as part of my workout review series. The Barre Code offers cardio, strength training and restoration classes and I’ve taken several of them. One that was new to me, and that I want to specifically talk about today, is the TBC class. 

Just like I mentioned with Pure Barre Platform, I love taking a class but I know how much I need the cardio for healthy post-baby weight loss. I was excited and a little intimidated to try TBC because I knew there were pretty high-intensity intervals of cardio in there and the weights were a little heavier. But the instructors at The Barre Code are so encouraging and energetic that it made the experience one that I looked forward to doing again as soon as the class ended (okay, maybe after a little bit of a break)!

Insider Info_WorkoutLindsay, one of the co-owners of The Barre Code Metro Detroit has guest posted here on the blog several times and for today, I asked her to give you a little information about the TBC class and what she loves most about it!

The Barre Code Metro Detroit review featured by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed.

How would you explain TBC to people who have just taken a more traditional barre class in the past?
TBC stands for Total Body Conditioning. The difference between this format compared to our more traditional barre styles is that slightly heavier weights will be utilized (5-12 pounds), and we work through more functional, full range movements. There is also cardio interspersed throughout class to get the heart and metabolic rate lifted. I find that this provides a nice switch up from the slower, low weight, small movement exercises in traditional barre – it really helps to keep muscle confusion at a high and results to keep coming. 

What makes The Barre Code so unique and different from other workout programs?
In my opinion there are two things that make The Barre Code different from other programs. The first is our variety – we offer a complete fitness program with eight styles focused on cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and restoration. It is a one stop shop where you can get everything you need all in one membership. The second aspect that makes us different is our focus on teaching through a lens of positivity. We focus what there is to gain from exercising – attributes like confidence, strength and endurance – never on things to lose like the number on a scale or a dress size. We want women to feel comfortable and proud in the bodies that they live in, and empower them to live their brightest, happiest lives possible. 

What advice do you have for people who have never taken TBC?
Come on in! It is important to remember that every single person in the room was a beginner once. I know it can be intimidating trying something new (I am a fitness professional and personally still get nervous whenever trying a new workout!) but you never know what you can accomplish until you try. Introduce yourself to the instructor, say hi to the person next to you – you will all be in it together for the 50 minutes of class and it helps enormously to feel that camaraderie, or “Sweaty Sisterhood,” as we like to call it!  

How does the TBC class fit into The Barre Code program as a whole?
Our eight styles at The Barre Code feature all different kinds of fitness, with the use of the ballet barre as the common thread. Brawl provides an intense, kickboxing workout, Barre-dio a fun and sassy dance routine, Barre Code a traditional barre class… the list goes on. TBC is our boot camp option – and in my opinion is also our most well rounded class. I love taking this style because I feel like I get a great cardio sweat AND muscle burn in – all in 50 minutes.

What is your favorite part about teaching TBC?
I think the reason I love taking it so much is also the reason I love teaching it – and that is the great variety between cardio and strength. We also have a few fun props that are only used in our TBC classes, the 12 lb body bar and the 8 lb medicine ball. There are a lot of fun, different moves featured (like pull ups on the barre!) that are only found in our TBC style – which always keeps it interesting and exciting to tackle.

Workout 2

The Barre Code Metro Detroit review featured by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed: Body Bar TBC Workout The Barre Code Metro Detroit review featured by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed

My first TBC class was hard work, but I felt so accomplished when I was done! Every class is different (which is awesome because your body is always thinking and changing the way you work!) but the HIIT warm-up really got me working and sweating right away and then we used a 12 lb. body bar with a resistance band tied to it for weight work – which is heavier than I’m used to! It won’t be this way in every class, but I was surprised that we didn’t use the barre at all. 

Afterward, I felt really energetic and motivated. I was sore but not nearly as sore as I expected to be, like I actually could have taken TBC again the next day and really felt like I could attack the class and rock it!

Wear to workout

The Barre Code Metro Detroit review featured by top US lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed

Support is the name of the game in TBC! I would wear a really good, supportive sports bra and some high waisted workout pants for this class, so that you’re not adjusting as you move and you just feel really pulled in and lifted up. Something about The Barre Code always makes me want to get a little funky with my workout gear so I loved wearing these printed pants from Carbon 38. The tank I wore also had an opening in the back to show off the detail on a cool sports bra and also keep you a little cooler when you’re working out!

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