Post-Baby Denim Shopping Tips

Neiman Marcus Denim Department

I have to admit, I’ve been dreading buying a new pair of jeans since I had Dylan. I have been in a big “in between” phase where I could probably still wear maternity jeans and roll the panel down (which I’ve done), but they’re truly too big now, and my old jeans are still a bit of a workout to get on, button, zip up and sit down in. It’s a delightful phase that I really can’t wait to get out of.

So, needless to say, a new pair of jeans has clearly been in order.

White Summer Denim Neiman Marcus Summer Denim Shopping CUSP

I went to Neiman Marcus to the CUSP department to meet with Lana, who is the denim specialist there, to get some advice on some post-baby denim shopping. The beauty of making an appointment like this was that my dressing room was filled with some of the latest and greatest from the department, along with some denim basics. We also took a little denim tour around the floor and talked about the fit of several brands and added a few others to my “to try” pile. 

I tried on at least 10 different styles and left with these super distressed Rag & Bone jeans. I like them because they’re the perfect casual style for me right now. My next pair is going to be these cropped Rag & Bone jeans, along with with these J Brand skinnies (which also come in black) and these basic Frame Denim flares

Shopping Tips

Rag and Bone Jean Denim Try On J Brand Jeans Try On

1. Take your time 
Don’t just plan on going in and “picking up a pair of jeans.” Plan on taking your time and putting on each pair, spinning around, sitting, dancing, whatever you need to do to make sure you feel comfortable in the style or styles you bring into the dressing room. 

2. Don’t focus on a number
The worst thing you can do is insist that you wore a certain size before, so you must wear it now. You’re the only one that sees the number on the tag of your jeans, so who cares what it is? Every brand runs differently and just because you wear a 27 in one brand, doesn’t mean you’ll wear it in every brand. On this particular day, I was trying sizes 26-28 and I was all over the map with what worked and didn’t work. So if you like the style, try it, see how it works for you and be open to trying it in 4 different sizes if that’s what it takes.

3. Take a friend
I like the idea of having someone with you who will give you an honest (but kind!) opinion of the styles you’re trying on. I often have a pretty good idea in my head of what I’m looking for when I go shopping, but I do like to ask for an opinion and talk about it. I’m also often deciding between a few items, so just getting thoughts from someone else is kind of nice. And don’t forget to head out to lunch or grab a cocktail after you’re done shopping!

4. Try something new
When it comes to denim, I tend to stick to very similar styles. In fact, I literally own 6 of the EXACT same pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans. But I went into this shopping trip being open to trying skinnies, flares, straight leg styles and crops. I also am not much for the super distressed styles but that’s exactly what I left with! You never know what might surprise you, so just be open to trying what’s new in store, or a new brand. 



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