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Breakfast Room Inspiration 2 Breakfast Room Inspiration Breakfast Room Style Breakfast Room Wallpaper

This house has been one giant project after another. Clint and I started this year by saying that we really wanted to take a break from projects and just enjoy and live in our house. Well, that lasted until about March.

After Dylan arrived, we realized that there were a few things that we needed to change around the house to make it work for our new family. One of the projects is a playroom and the other is finishing our breakfast room. 

You can see in my kitchen renovation post that we have a little breakfast room off our our kitchen. When we moved in, we didn’t really know what to do with it so we picked up a table with two chairs at a consignment shop, pulled up Jackson’s high chair (he was 2 at the time) and called it a day. Very quickly that stopped working for us, so we eventually moved meals to the dining room, which really isn’t a practical option for us either. 

After realizing we had then moved most of our meals to the coffee table in the living room (which is absolutely NOT the way we wanted things to be!), we decided that it was important to do the breakfast room. We want meals to be a time where we all sit together, talk and spend time together as a family, and we really needed to create a place to do that.

So we have a few things already in the works. We found an amazing table at a consignment shop (again). The table was custom made of Corian countertop material and an iron frame. This thing is indestructible, which is exactly what we needed! It came with a bench and two chairs, all of which need to be reupholstered but we’re working on that. We’ve also picked out some wallpaper and are working on a fun chandelier, along with searching Pinterest for some ideas to make one of the walls a “family center” with a cork board for the kids’ artwork, a calendar and other fun things.

These images are a few that I’ve used for inspiration as we got started. I’m hoping to share the finished room with you in about 6 weeks so stay tuned!


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