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This weekend is the official kickoff to summer travel! Our travel schedule this summer is pretty minimal, as most of our plans are based around what the kids would want to do or what destination is the easiest with the amount of stuff we now have to tote along with us. That being said, Clint and I have a serious travel bug and have texting ideas to each other for weeks about our first solo vacation, which we hope will be put on the calendar in the near future!

The lovely ladies from Mirth Caftans know a thing or two about travel and I was really excited when Erin offered to share some of her favorites from one of the places on my “must visit soon” list: Costa Rica. She and her husband travel to Nosara, Costa Rica very year as sort of a refresh (including a digital detox, which I know I’m sort of craving right now!). 

Harmony Hotel Pool 2 Eze oatmeal 1 San Sebastian colorblock

They love the Harmony Hotel, where, after morning juices from the hotel’s own farm, you can spend quiet days at the beach surfing, splashing or just relaxing. Erin also recommended sunset drinks at La Luna and a little shopping at Bazzar Nosara.

La Luna 2 1 Corfu blockprint 1 Eze black boxweave

This is also the perfect destination to wear the sisters’ beautiful collection of caftans. Mirth Caftans makes so many beautiful styles that are perfect for every destination from the lake or the beach to sitting poolside at a hotel in the middle of your favorite city – or even hanging out on your own patio at home! As you know, I love a good caftan and these are so versatile and the handmade collection is so unique and special. 

Shop the Mirth Caftans shown in the photos (from top to bottom):

Eze Oatmeal // San Sebastian Colorblock // Corfu Blockprint // Eze Black Boxweave


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