Mother’s Day with Bering’s Hardware & Waterford

Splendid x Damsel Dress Waterford Rebel

With Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I wanted to kick off this week of posts by talking about being a mom, along with a few things I’ve learned from my mom .

Although I was really excited about it, becoming a mom for a second time was pretty intimidating to me. With just one child, I felt like I had that down and could totally handle it, but with two I was going to be outnumbered and I was positive that they’d completely overwhelm me (and sometimes they do). 

Thankfully, I’ve had a ton of help and support in getting used to our new family. My mom has been a huge help and I’ve called her with probably some of the most ridiculous questions – some of which you’d think I already know the answer to because, hey, I’ve done this once! I’m learning a lot more this time around, and advice (and, often, just a listening ear) has been really helpful in making this new family life easier. 

Waterford Rebel Cuff Ultimate Cuff

Perfection isn’t easy // When we were little (and even still), we had the mom who made us themed lunches for holidays, the mom who everyone wanted to bring snack because it was always going to be and look good and the mom who showed up to everything looking put together and stylish. I always thought she made it look effortless and really believed that it was easy! Now that I’m starting to have to do those same things, I’m realizing what a challenge that was.  

Planning is key // What I know about organization, I learned from my mom. She’s way better at it than I am, because she will have her kitchen drawers super organized with everything facing the same way, canisters labeled and everything lined up. Mine is decidedly less pretty. I’ve also learned to always have a calendar and to update frequently. That calendar was (and still is) always on the refrigerator and everyone was able to look and see what was going on and when. I’m actually adding a “info center” wall to our breakfast room with a place to put a family calendar that will hopefully help keep us organized.

Be yourself // Whether you’re talking about parenting, style, work or anything else, it’s most important to do what you like and be true to who you are. We were always taught to be individuals and my sister and I could not be more different. My mom encouraged our different styles in the way we dressed, the way we learned and handled school and now the way we manage our families. I always felt that our decisions were respected (although we certainly did get advice if maybe we weren’t heading down a good road) and that we were allowed to become the people we are today and that our parents were always proud of us. 

Berings Mothers Day Waterford Rebel

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Bering’s Hardware to share a beautiful piece of jewelry that would make a perfect gift for mom! This beautiful bracelet is part of the Waterford Rebel collection. The collection is bold and stylish, just like mom would want us to be! This bracelet was my very favorite piece because it’s great for stacking with other favorites or wearing alone to make a cool statement. 


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