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A few weeks ago I featured the clothing line Troubadour here on the blog and today I’m really excited to feature the owner and designer, Lindsey Carter, on Moms with Style. She’s a busy lady with a clothing line to run and two little ones at home. Read on to hear more about her #momstyle and what she loves about being a mom:

Name: Lindsey Carter
Mom to: Violet + Miller
Company: Designer and owner of women’s clothing line, Troubadour, based out of Charleston, SC. 

Has being a mom changed the way you design for Troubadour?
Not really, however I am more conscious of what could fit a pregnant lady’s body and what can not!

What are some of your favorite pieces from your Spring collection and where would you love to be seen wearing them?
My favorite pieces from Spring 16 are the Cayman Caftan in stripe, which you could see me wearing over my bathing suit on the boat. I will also be wearing our Neutra maxi in Desert Poppy to any evening events we have this summer. For day-to-day, I’ll be wearing the Estelle Top in Poppy and white with my jeans or skirts this summer, along with the Isabella dress with my wrap up flats. Spring/Summer is my favorite season to design so I really love every piece.


How has your beauty and style routine changed since becoming a mom?
Things are much more hectic while getting ready, I also don’t wear earrings any more because the kids (who are now 2 ½) will just pull them out. Also, I’m much more cognizant of aging, so I’m definitely into the anti-aging beauty routines. Style wise I definitely have to pick things that are easier to wear around the kids and don’t cause too much fuss or show too much skin if I’m running into their pre-school.

Do you have any advice for how you balance work and family?
Ha! That’s the magic answer if I had it! I don’t think any working mother feels 100% at both jobs all the time. I think you just have to do your best at both home and work, and understand that your best is as good as it gets and it may not always be perfect.


If you had a whole day just to yourself, where would we find you?
You would find me at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island Spa!

What has been the most fun/surprising thing about motherhood?
The most surprising thing is that I enjoy being a mother and I’m pretty good at it, and the most fun thing is being around the kids, watching them develop, and hearing their laughter – it makes me laugh!


Thanks so much to Lindsey for participating in this series! I’ve so loved introducing you to her and to Troubadour. Don’t miss the opportunity to shop the gorgeous Spring/Summer collection now! 


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