Cool Collaboration: HATCH x BURU

Hatch Collection Shop BURU Mom Style Shop BURU Hatch Collection Shop BURU Hatch Collection Shop BURU Casual Mom StyleWhen I heard that HATCH Collection and BURU were getting together for a collaboration, it was the first fashion news that made my post-pregnancy style day!

I loved wearing HATCH when I was pregnant and I’m actually keeping a couple of pieces to wear again this coming winter (it’s a cashmere turtleneck and a jumpsuit) because I liked them so much. I felt that the pieces were always really flattering, no matter how pregnant I was, and everything was incredibly well made and comfortable.

Fast forward to today, when I’m obviously (or not so obviously if you see the little pooch that still exists) not pregnant, I’m excited to wear a few more HATCH x BURU pieces this summer. 

Are you possibly asking why in the world I’d still be buying “maternity” clothes? Well that’s because they’re really not maternity. They actually really do work for before, during and after and that “after” is a pretty very challenging time to get dressed. I like the idea of adding a few of the HATCH pieces to my closet right now so that I feel really good about my post-baby body and I’m comfortable at the same time.

I especially love these shorts for their relaxed fit and the bow detail. I’d pair them with this v-neck tee (tucked in the front) and a pair of wedges for a casual day out. My other very favorite piece is this off-the-shoulder dress. It’s perfectly on trend for summer and it’s structured enough but also flowy and flattering. Finally, I love a good pair of green pants and these are PERFECT for summer. I like them with a super easy silk tank, cool earrings and  not-so-fancy flats for a date night out for a glass of wine on a patio!


All Images via BURU


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