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As part of the new health and fitness content of the blog, I’m going to be doing a monthly workout feature to highlight a different class or workout. It’ll always be something I’ve recently tried or have loved doing and want you all to know more about. To kick things off, I’m starting by sharing more about the brand new Pure Barre Platform class.

I’ve been doing Pure Barre for several years now. In fact, Pure Barre was originally started down in the Detroit area, so the studio where we live was actually one of the first few ever opened. I always felt that the barre based workout itself was great and really effective, even when I was pregnant. This past fall Pure Barre introduced the new Pure Barre Platform class and it came to our studio at the end of last year. Since I was super pregnant, I couldn’t try it until about a month ago and I’m already hooked!

When they announced the class, it was paired with a video preview which made it look incredibly challenging (which it is – in a good way!) and even a little intimidating. I saw lots of comments on Facebook about how hard the class was, or how people didn’t want to try it because they didn’t think they could do it. That made me actually want to try it more and also to feature it first because if you haven’t tried it, you absolutely should!

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I chatted a bit with Ann Marie, who owns the Pure Barre studio here to share a few more details to know before you take your first Platform class. 

Pure Barre Interview

What is your favorite part about teaching and taking the Platform class? My favorite part is the energy I feel from the clients while I’m teaching! It’s a rush for sure.  

Why did Pure Barre add a platform class? To be able to offer clients the cardio they were craving.  

How do the two types of classes (PB and Platform) work well together?  Pure Barre is isometric movements that keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone and Platform kicks it up a couple notches adding in the high heart rate cardio element. The combination of the two is amazing! 

What is the biggest misconception you hear about the class from first time Platformers?  They didn’t think they’d be able to keep up. Yes it’s hard, yes it’s intense but when you are done you feel like you’re on top of the world, you feel so proud of yourself! 

What advice do you have for people who have never taken Platform but want to give it a try?  Just do it! You will be amazed at what you can do. Bring in water, a towel and take a breath, even breaks as you need. Just like that first Pure Barre class you took, it’s going to be tricky and maybe uncomfortable at first. But give it a few chances, you will be hooked! 

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I LOVE Platform. I’m a big fan of cardio anyway and, because I’m trying to lose weight, it’s a great fit for me to pair with my walks with Dylan and regular Pure Barre classes. Is it hard? Yeah, it’s hard but it’s also completely doable. You can modify as you need to and you work as hard as you’re able to. At my first class, I felt pretty very uncoordinated and like I had no idea what I was doing. But at my second class, it was a lot easier and I found that I actually burned more calories (according to my Apple Watch) because I knew what was coming next and I was able to focus a little better. So I’d actually recommend you give yourself at least two classes a try before you decide if you like it or not. 

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Surprisingly, I wasn’t as sore as I expected to be after Platform. I’m almost always sore after Pure Barre classes, but because of the cardio and bigger movements, I think that was a little different here. I was pretty worn out and sweaty though!

Wear to workout

Because Platform is more cardio-based and the movements are bigger, you need a little more support in your workout gear than you might for a normal barre class. I want pretty much zero bouncing around, so I’d start by wearing a supportive sports bra. I also like high-waisted leggings because they’re more supportive on my stomach (which is currently a problem area for me after the pregnancy). At regular Pure Barre classes, I usually start in a zip up or long sleeves, which I’ll take off by the time we’re mid-way through class. But at Platform, I get right to a tank top and stay there because you’re moving hard and fast pretty quickly.

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