Dylan At Two Months

2 month update

We can hardly believe it but our littlest man is now two months old! I didn’t do these little updates with Jackson because I wasn’t into sharing much family stuff on the blog at the time, but I plan on doing baby updates every few months for Dylan and I’ll give you a little bit of what’s going on with Jackson, as well!

By the Numbers: At his two month appointment, Dylan weighed a little over 10 pounds and was 22″ tall, which puts him in the 13th and 8th percentiles, respectively. No surprise, he’s not a very big baby! Jackson was actually a little bit smaller at this age, so we just don’t make them very big. 

Dylan is wearing mostly newborn and some 0-3 month size clothing (especially if it runs a little smaller). Jackson was exactly the same way in clothing too, they’re both just little babies!

Dylan 2 months sticker Dylan 2 months faces

Sleep: We may just be the luckiest parents ever with two very good sleepers. By this point, Jackson was sleeping about 8 hours straight and Dylan is not too far behind him. We consistently get 5-7 hour stretches of sleep (usually his first stretch of the night) and it has been really nice to start getting more sleep. Our biggest concern was that Dylan’s middle of the night wake ups would bother Jackson but he hasn’t woken up once because of a crying baby brother. We’ve got absolutely zero complaints in the sleep department!

Eat: From the day he was born, Dylan never had a problem eating and still doesn’t! I’ll get it out of the way and tell you that he is a formula-fed baby (just as Jackson was) and that works very well for us. We found that we very quickly needed to go from two to four ounce bottles and right to level two nipples. For a few weeks, we did notice that he seemed constipated and uncomfortable so, after consulting with our pediatrician, we ended up switching him to Similac Total Comfort which was supposed to be easier for him to digest. It’s been a couple of weeks on that formula now and he is noticeably more comfortable and is doing much better. In fact, he started sleeping in those long stretches right after we made the switch!

Dylan 2 months

Moving Around: I’ve noticed that, over the last couple of weeks, Dylan has become more deliberate in his movements. For example, he really focuses on one of the toys on his playmat and will reach in its direction trying to bat at it. He is working on finding his hands and has been trying hard to get his thumb (or his whole fist) into his mouth. He is also a rockstar when it comes to tummy time and he has been working on rolling from his stomach to his back (which he does occasionally, thanks to his giant head and gravity, but NEVER when I’m trying to video him doing it!). He is also super smiley and makes lots of “talking” noises. Overall he’s a really, really happy baby and he’s also incredibly laid back and that makes for such nice days! 

Loves: Dylan absolutely LOVES bath time! He never cries in the bath, he just sits there in his tub, looks around and babbles. He also loves eating, napping in his mamaRoo, playing on his playmat and going for car rides and walks.

Jackson Update

What’s Jackson Doing?: Jackson is SO busy lately! First of all, he is fantastic with his baby brother. He always wants to give kisses and try to help. It’s very sweet. He will also sit next to Dylan when he’s on his play mat and try to get him to “play” more. I left the boys in the living room for maybe 5 minutes to go wash up a couple of things in the kitchen and when I came back, Jackson had pulled out a counting book and was reading it to Dylan and showing him the pictures. It was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 

At school, Jackson has learned how to write his name, he knows his address and can count to 100 (by ones and tens!). We are also working on sight words and reading with him. He can sound out words pretty well and we hope he’ll be even closer to reading by the end of the summer. We switched him to a new classroom in January where they had a more structured curriculum and he has just thrived in that class! He’s so smart and we’re just so proud of him.

Postpartum Update: For the most part, I have been feeling really great since having Dylan, both emotionally and physically. Now that we’re getting more sleep, things are really improving. Clint and I are making time for workouts, which I know will make me feel better as the weight (hopefully) drops off. I am getting a little bit of cabin fever by sticking around the house during the day with Dylan as much as we are. He got his first round of baby shots the other day and as we get more nice weather and less winter flu/cold germs out and about, I plan on getting out with him more often, which I know will make things a lot better for both of us.


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