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Our house renovation/decorating project is really never-ending. After we finished a few small projects at the end of last year, Clint and I decided that this year we would be doing NO MORE BIG PROJECTS. Well, last week that idea sort of went out the window when we had a contractor and our decorator come over to plan two rather large projects (which I will hopefully share in the next few months). Oops. 

While we wait for the big new things to happen, I’m trying to focus on a few little updates and refreshing our house for Spring. It’s been snowing here again this week, which has motivated me even more to get things feeling Spring-y around here. To get things started, I’ve added some new Spring scents, with a little help from Athalia’s Boutique

Athalia’s is a beautiful local boutique (which you can also shop online here) with a great selection of easy-to-wear, classically cool clothing. They’ve also more recently added an apothecary department with lovely brands like Barr Co., Tocca and Capri Blue. 

My new favorite scent for the living areas of our house is the light citrus and patchouli of the Capri Blue Blue Jean candle. Capri Blue has been a favorite brand of mine since college (any FSU girls remember the Fancy Pants boutique and how it always smelled like Capri Blue Aloha Orchid?), and I love that the blue jar fits right in with the blue accents in the house. 

Golden Coast Candle Athalias

For my office and our room, I’m loving these P.F Candle Co. scents. The No. 11 Amber & Moss is quite possibly the perfect spring scent. It’s very “green” and light, but also very soft and pretty. I also really like the No. 22 Golden Coast scent. As you may expect by the name, it’s inspired by California’s coast and it is a fresh, feminine floral scent. Both of these are great for at your desk because they’re so light and pretty.

Barr Co Bath Products

When I get a rare moment to myself in the evenings, I do my best to create a little at home spa night with a face mask, glass of wine and get in the tub with some Barr Co. bubbles and a magazine. I’ll also light a coordinating Barr Co. candle and enjoy the quiet. The Barr Co. scents are also really soothing and relaxing, so they’re perfect for night like this. I’m actually also looking forward to the candle burning all the way out so I can use the jar for makeup brushes on my bathroom counter – and buy a new one!

You can shop all of the scents at Athalia’s Boutique online here. Also please check out their Instagram account to get more details on the clothing and accessories they carry in store, along with lots of outfit inspiration!

Thanks to Athalia’s Boutique for partnering on this post!


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