Mom Must Have: Munchkin LATCH Bottles

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One of the things that has been surprising to me since having Dylan is discovering how much has changed in the baby product world since we had Jackson. Four years ago, with Jackson, I felt like we had the most up-to-date, newest baby gear out there and we kept nearly everything to use when/if we had a second child. Fast-forward to today and there are so many great new things in the world of baby gear that we’re constantly finding replacements or upgrades to try with Dylan!

We own a lot of Munchkin brand products and have always been able to count on them for reliable, safe and inventive baby and toddler essentials. These Munchkin LATCH bottles are one of the latest products that we’ve added to our “must have” list and we’ve been so happy with them. The LATCH bottles make the transition from breast to bottle easier with their accordion style nipple for a more natural latch from baby. The design also allows baby to control the flow of milk through the bottle, just as they would with breastfeeding. Breast feeding is a tough job and these bottles help mom get a little support with feedings, while helping to keep things consistent and making that bottle and back transition much easier.

Munchkin LATCH Bottle Close Up

Munchkin LATCH Bottle

We experienced a gassy and uncomfortable period with Jackson when he was a newborn and are just getting into that phase with Dylan. Just like I did with Jackson, I’ve spent a good amount of time Googling ways to minimize that discomfort for him (and hopefully lead to a quieter sleep for everyone). We’ve been making a point to use the LATCH bottles especially in the evening and overnight because they’re actually designed to help with those pesky, painful air bubbles. The innovative anti-colic valve helps ensure a continuous latch and makes sure that air bubbles aren’t getting through to baby and creating that discomfort. 

Munchkin LATCH Feeding

I know that, for me, it also helps me buy into a product when it is stylish and modern and these bottles are that, as well. When my husband first say them he said “Whoa, so we’re upgrading to fancy bottles!” And he’s right, they do actually look quite fancy and the innovation and style combined have made the Munchkin LATCH bottles one of our favorites (I’ve also added them to my best baby registry list!).

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