Maternity Monday: Diaper Bag, Round 2

Diaper bag round two Whats in my diaper bag for a newborn Lily Jade Rosie Diaper Bag

I keep hearing that when it comes to your second (or third, fourth, and so on) child, you do things differently. Maybe you’re more laid back, just more prepared or you know better so you do better. Well, Baby Rand #2’s due date is just 3 weeks before Jackson’s 4th birthday so the fact that they’re far apart has also made me forget quite a few things so I’m doing my best to take lessons from the first time around and simplify things for this time. 

I’ve talked before about getting things over prepared for this baby and one of the items on my “do in advance” to do list was to pack up my diaper bag. I honestly don’t remember if I had one ready before Jackson was born but I do remember going to the pediatrician the day after we came home from the hospital and haphazardly throwing things into my diaper bag because I had no idea what I needed! 

This time, the diaper bag is packed and, if I do say so myself, super organized. I received this Rosie diaper bag from Lily Jade a few weeks ago and it is absolutely perfect. It’s sleek, not too big, but has lots of space and pockets for everything I need. One of the things I also love about the Lily Jade bags is that they come with a little organizer that you can transfer from bag to bag if you need to, or just take out and set on a counter if you need to get a few things out at a time. 

When Jackson was a newborn, I felt like I really over packed for every little 5 minute drive to Chick Fil A and back. This time, I’m trying to streamline things with a Truffle pouch filled with baby essentials, along with a swaddle, extra bottle and travel formula, extra outfit and my own essentials (wallet, phone, charger, keys). This way, I will be able to much more easily balance the not so heavy diaper bag with carrying a car seat and keeping track of a 3 (almost 4) year old. 

I want to be prepared for any issues that might come up, but I’ve also learned that it’s okay if I’m not. I’ll be ready for the big stuff and if we need to make a trip home in the middle of running errands, it’s not the end of the world. Now, let’s just hope this semi-laid back attitude continues once the little guy arrives in a few short weeks!

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