Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must HavesI intended this to be yesterday’s “Maternity Monday” post, but with our trip last week I got a little bit distracted and finally got it finished up for today. 

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, which means I am now into my third trimester and I can hardly believe it. I’ve been feeling really great and am doing my best to take advantage of that and the energy I currently have because I’m not sure how much longer that will last. 

Being this far along, I wanted to share a little list of a few of my favorite things I’ve been using during this pregnancy. These are things that have been really helpful in terms of comfort and style up to this point, and that I plan on using or wearing until the baby arrives in February.

Bump Nest // Thanks to the Bump Nest, I’m actually getting some sleep! I had trouble sleeping very early on in this pregnancy, so this was my very first “pregnancy” purchase. I had a different brand (which I won’t mention because it was terrible, but if you really want to know, E-mail me and I will tell you) when I was pregnant for Jackson and it did not compare at all to how comfortable this one is. I’m able to curl up and sleep on my side really well. I also like prop myself up and curl the straight part under my knees when I’m laying in bed reading before bedtime. 

Tieks // Admittedly, I’m in sneakers a lot when I’m around the house but when they get a little restrictive (maybe my feet are swelling up a bit), I turn right to my Tieks. I’ve also been carrying a pair around in my bag every day, in case my heels or other shoes get uncomfortable.

Blanqi Leggings & Supportwear // I’ve been carrying this little guy pretty low (as people are more than happy to point out to me!and that has made me already feel like I need a little extra support for my belly and back, especially on days where I’m on my feet, running around a lot. I picked up this Blanqi Bodystyler support tank and it has been really helpful to wear it underneath my shirts for a little belly lift. I hear it’s also good for working out, but I haven’t been wearing it for that. The leggings are AWESOME! They feel light but the fabric is substantial enough so you actually feel like you’re wearing pants (of sorts). They’re also seamless, so there isn’t any weird irritating stitching to bother you throughout the day. Definite winners!

A Pea in the Pod Tees // When I needed to update my tees, I went to A Pea in the Pod and I was so excited to find the softest tees ever. I have these ribbed ones, as well as this simple basic style, and both are excellent for layering (or wearing along) and are incredibly comfortable. 

7 for All Mankind Jeans // I had a little “maternity shopping rule” that I was going to follow this time and it was to NOT purchase any expensive denim. Well, I bought a couple pair of jeans that were just quick, easy and, dare I say, cheap. They were fine, but that’s it, just fine, so I returned them. Destination Maternity & A Pea in the Pod had a sale for 30% off nearly everything, so I picked up a pair of skinny, go with everything 7 For All Mankind jeans. When I put them on, I finally felt like myself! Therefore, I’m now throwing my rule out the window. Spend the money and buy the jeans you really want, you’ll feel so much better.

Starbucks Straw Cup // Being that water is pretty much the preferred beverage around here lately, I always have a drink with me. I have found that this straw cup has made it easier for me to get my daily intake (and then some) of water. I know this will be a good one to carry around with me when the baby arrives too!


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