Baby Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

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Since I haven’t done one of these yet, I thought I’d do a little 23 week pregnancy update. I can hardly believe that I am already more than halfway through the 40 weeks (give or take a bit) of this pregnancy. I felt like my first trimester went by so incredibly slowly, which I attribute to the fact that we weren’t telling anyone at all and also my anxiety over being pregnant so soon after a miscarriage. 

Other than not sleeping well (although I do have the Bump Nest, which has helped a ton!), the second trimester has been great so far. I’ve got my energy back, the baby is moving and kicking and the bump is starting to pop so I’m starting to look more pregnant and, overall, I’m feeling more comfortable in this pregnancy. We had our anatomy scan ultrasound back at about 19 weeks and baby looked great! We were even able to see a few 3D shots of him and he looks a lot like Jackson did at the same point in a 3D ultrasound. I can’t wait to see how similar they might look when he’s born. 

We recently made the big change of moving Jackson into a big boy bed (I’ll share his adorable new room in the next few weeks – it’s almost done!) and getting his old furniture moved into the nursery. And the baby’s new bedding arrived over the weekend so we’ll be starting on that room very soon! I’ve also been going through all of our old baby boxes to see what we have, what will work for baby #2 and what we need to get or replace. I felt like we weren’t doing anything to prepare but after this past week of crossing things off of the list, I feel a lot better and like we are considerably more prepared for this baby than we were for Jackson at this point. 

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A few things I’ve been asked lately:

  • Does the baby have a name? Yes, he does but we’re keeping it quiet until he arrives. 
  • Has this pregnancy been the same as the first one? Which one has been easier/better? For the most part, they’ve been very different. A few things that stand out are that the food cravings are completely different (I wanted lots of spicy food with Jackson and right now I can’t stand too much spice and I really just want to eat hamburgers and sugary cereal), my skin issues have been better this time and I’m more tired this time. However, I remember that Jackson was super active right around 8-9 PM and this baby is sort of on that same schedule. Thankfully he’s not keeping me up at night, apparently I’m taking care of that one myself. I would have said that Jackson was an easier pregnancy, but that’s really based on the emotional stress at the beginning of this one. Now that I feel so much better, they’re becoming a lot more comparable and I feel very lucky to have had pregnancies as easy as these have been. I’m doing my very best to not complain about anything because I’m just so thankful that we have this little guy coming our way. 
  • Any products you’ve loved so far? The Bump Nest has been helpful for getting comfortable to sleep; these Ingrid & Isabel leggings are awesome for workouts; I’m still using this Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer; these Jessica Simpson Maternity jeans have been my favorite new pair and I also love these GAP tees. 

I’m working on a few upcoming posts to cover my skincare and workout routines during this pregnancy, along with more outfits and maternity shopping tips. I’ll do another one of these updates probably around 30 weeks or so and then maybe one more after that, depending on how I feel and how things go. What other sort of things do you want to know about in a pregnancy update post? 

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