Powder Bath Renovation: Before & After


Finally, another before and after from our renovation! This whole process moves so much slower than it does on HGTV and is incredibly frustrating at times, but as we finish rooms (and start new ones) it’s really exciting. 

DSC_0657 DSC_0656

The two photos above are obviously (or at least I hope it’s obvious), the “before” shots, of the powder bathroom and I realize they’re not very good for a number of reasons. First of all, it is an incredibly small bathroom and there’s nothing we could really do about that, considering where it is located in the house. Second, I probably should have taken better photos when I knew there was a chance I’d share this on the blog.

On the details, the tile floor is original and was kind of cool but really dirty and not in great condition. The toilet and sink were teeny tiny and um hi there, floral wallpaper. This house was filled with lots of big patterned wallpaper and lots of out-of-place black and white details (like the tile), all of which had to go. 

When we renovated this bathroom, we completely gutted it. Nothing stayed. 

Bathroom-Renovation-After-2 Bathroom-Renovation_After Kohler-Mirror-and-Sink Powder-Bath-Renovation Bathroom-Renovation-1

The tile floor was replaced by the wood floors that run through the entire first floor of the house. The sink and toilet are the size they should be, and we installed a medicine cabinet mirror that is built into the wall and opens up to have some great storage (because otherwise, there isn’t any) for extra toilet paper, wipes for Jackson, extra soap and other random extras for the bathroom. It keeps everything clean and hidden, which I love. 

What you didn’t see in the “before” photos is the odd window that looks into our mudroom and, oh yes, right out into the yard. In theory, we probably could have removed the window but we chose to put in a Roman shade that will be kept down 99.9% of the time. It was a nice way to bring in some color and tie in the blue accents from the living room. 

The framed knife is from Nigeria and was a gift to Clint from his parents, who live there for work. The monogrammed guest towels are from Lettermade, and helped us to tie in those blue details again (you’ll see why this all makes sense when I show the living room and downstairs sunroom, eventually/hopefully soon). 

What do I still need to do in here? I’d like to have a place for a candle and a set of tissue/soap/hand towel holders but right now, with potty training Jackson, easy, foaming antibacterial soap and nothing to distract/throw into the toilet is sort of the way to go for the time being.

The details: 
Pedestal Sink: Kohler Reve Collection // Toilet: Kohler Tresham Collection // Wallpaper: Kravet, Style W3137.11 // Medicine Cabinet Mirror: Similar styles // Roman Shade: Custom, fabric is by Duralee in pattern #32630-146 in Color: Denim


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