Jackson Loves: Vol. 4 (For Travel)


Although he’s a great little traveler (and has logged a good amount of miles in just his 3 years), our trip to London was Jackson’s longest flight yet. International travel with kids is pretty intimidating, so tried to plan ahead as much as possible to be prepared for just about anything that might be requested or any little incidents we might have to deal with.

Here are a few of the things we took with us that were definite successes and things I’d highly recommend for your next trip with a little one:

Truffle Pouch Essentials // You all know how much I love my Truffle pouches, especially for traveling. For this trip I took two in my carry on bag, but one specifically for Jackson. This one included pull-ups and wipes (for easy changes in tiny airplane bathrooms – oh and we sort of took a potty training break during our trip), Children’s Tylenol, Children’s Benadryl, antibacterial hand wipes, Kleenex, Band-Aids and Aquaphor. 

Nourish Snacks // I requested a children’s meal for Jackson in advance of our flight, but just in case he was in a very picky “I’m not eating anything” mood, I packed a ton of snacks. Before we left, I discovered Nourish Snacks and loved the idea of some healthy options. They actually make a little Kids Collection box which includes some that we really liked, including Coco’Nilla Crunch (my favorite, which I think would be really good sprinkled on yogurt!), Monkey Love and Mr. Popular. I actually am just going to keep buying these and keep them around the house for snacks for everyone, because they were such a big hit! If you’re interested in trying Nourish Snacks for yourself or your kids (and I think you should), use the code HSS10 for 10% off of your order through the end of July.

Kidz Gear Headphones // These little headphones are made for kids and perfect for iPad movies while traveling (or at home when you’ve just had enough Jake and the Neverland Pirates). They’re designed for kids so they fit really well and the volume is also limited and only goes up to 80% off the original maximum volume, so it helps keep those little ears safe. We also do have the carry bag for them and Jackson carries these in his own backpack when we travel.

Character PJs // Our flight to London was an overnight flight, so I packed pajamas for Jackson to change into in hopes that it would feel like nighttime and he would sleep. I picked some favorite character pajamas that he always gets excited about so that he wouldn’t mind changing. As an additional tip, I packed his small pillow and a fleece blanket (which is actually a stroller blanket) in his rolling carry-on bag to add as many “homey” elements as possible and encourage him to sleep. He actually did sleep for 3 hours on the way over, so I’m going to count this as a success!

Non-Digital Activities // In case the iPad battery ran out or movies just got boring, we picked up a few things to keep on hand. Instead of adding the weight of books, we picked up these first words flash cards, Brain Quest for Threes question cards and some Color Wonder books and markers (mess free!). I recommend all of these for little travel activities, and they’d also be great for long car rides. Jackson actually used his flash cards to tell stories about the characters, so that even added some extra unplanned activity. 

Do you have any travel favorites for kids? Tell me in comments, I’m always looking for more great ideas!



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