Summer Evening Routine


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Lately, we can’t seem to get enough outdoor playtime. With a very energetic three-year-old and how late it gets dark outside, these longer summer nights have given us the fortunate opportunity to get a lot more of that playtime and it’s been nice to change things up a bit.

We’ve ended up sort of unintentionally creating a fun little evening routine for our family which has involved so much more activity, healthier dinners (although usually followed by s’mores or ice cream cones!) and, by the end of the night, a very tired group.

When everyone gets home from work and school, the first thing we do is take a family walk around our neighborhood. Jackson either hops on his bike or in the stroller and we hit the road. It’s been good for all of us to catch up on what we all did that day and since we’re still pretty new here, meet some new neighbors along the way.

Back at home, we usually pull out a few toys or our little bounce house so that Jackson can continue playing while we get dinner on the grill. It has always been really important to us that we all sit down to dinner together and it has been fun to change things up by making “patio picnics” outside. We’re doing a lot of quick and easy dinners like turkey burgers and sweet potato fries or grilled fish tacos (which obviously require chips and salsa), that are easy to eat with our hands and don’t require much clean up.

When we’re outside, I also always keep a tray of drinks on the patio. Along with a pitcher of tea, we always keep bottled water on hand. It makes things easy for these active nights, and keeps us hydrated until playtime becomes bedtime. I’ve mentioned it before, but these little bottles of Nestle Pure Life water work so well for Jackson too. He loves that he can carry them around or put one in the cup holder of his bike (just like his dad!). I also like to set out a bowl of limes and lemons to put in our bottles to help keep everyone refreshed and happy!


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