Guest Post: Summer Salads from Maria Provenzano

I’m excited to welcome my sister, Maria, back to the HSS feed today to share some of her recipes for summer salads. As you may or may not know, depending on how long you’ve been reading here, Maria and I used to write the HSS feed together, but you can now find her over at, where, among many things, she shares some great recipes and DIYs. So without further ado, here’s Maria: 

Slide32Salads don’t have to be boring! Especially when it’s summertime and produce is at it’s peak in flavor. Around “bikini season,” where I slightly cringe at the thought of my pale skin attempting the summer sun, I find myself a little more bikini ready when I am eating light and healthy.  While that sounds simple, the thought of eating plain, raw veggies, and lettuce doesn’t make me excited for lunch! With a few simple ingredients you can make your veggies come to life and look forward to eating salad again. These summer salads are light, refreshing, and the perfect compliment to a cool summer cocktail.

Watermelon Feta Salad with Mint and Basil; The perfect balance of sweet and salty is only made better by herbaceous basil and lemony mint.

Zucchini, Cilantro, and Citrus Summer Salad; You will be surprised at how great a raw salad like this can taste with just a few simple ingredients. The secret is in the citrus.

Cucumber and Dill Summer Salad; Bright, crispy, and fresh! This salad has every component you need in a simple salad. The crunchy cucumbers are taken to the next level with fresh dill, tangy lemon, and savory lemon pepper.

Roasted Potato Salad with Lemon and Herbs; This is not your mom’s potato salad! You won’t find boiled potatoes and mayo here. Lemony roasted potatoes, acidic mustard, fresh herbs, and tangy sour cream create a light and fresh new take on the classic potato salad.

Carrot and Quinoa Salad with Crispy Kale; This beautiful salad looks fancy, but is very simple! Carrots and quinoa are mixed together with a light dressing and topped with crispy kale. You won’t look at kale the same way!


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