Bobbi Brown Summer Beauty Picks

Bobbi-Brown-RecapI so enjoyed co-hosting the Bobbi Brown Summer Beauty Master Class event with Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection on Saturday that I hope to do it again sometime soon! For those of you who have never done a Bobbi Brown Master Class, it’s really awesome because you go in with a bare face, learn all about the skincare that’s best for your skin type. Then you go through the whole process of putting on your makeup, learning the details about the products and getting great tips and tricks from the fantastic Bobbi Brown makeup artists along the way. I learned so much and left there so excited to put my new products to work!

The Neiman Marcus Camp Gorgeous Summer beauty event is still happening, which means you get a really great tote (it’s even cuter in person) stocked with samples, with a $100 purchase. Plus if you’re shopping in Bobbi Brown, they also have an extra special gift with different purchase levels. Since it’s such a great time to shop for them, I wanted to share with you a few new-to-me products that I learned about at the event, that would be awesome new additions to your summer beauty routine. 

EXTRA Rinse Balm // When our makeup artist set this product on the table, I honestly thought I was going hate it. It looks thick and gooey, so I wasn’t even going to try it. Until I tried it and found out I was wrong. I put a little on my hand, emulsified it with water and rinsed off and it left my skin so nice, soft and fresh. I was so surprised that it left no residue and my skin felt awesome. It also has a really nice and light citrus scent, so it’s really refreshing and would be perfect for keeping your skin in good shape after all the outside time this summer. The extra moisture would also make it a great winter cleanser for when your skin really needs the TLC. 

The pot that it comes in is pretty for your countertop, but it’s pretty big so you can also get this one in a travel-sized tube for on the go!

Corrector & Creamy Concealer Kit // I have been wanting/needing a new concealer for a while now but for some reason anytime I go to buy one, I end up getting a lipstick or new mascara instead. After I learned both of these products, I got home to check out my inventory and decided that I need to call the store and get these sent my way. So this is Bobbi Brown’s “Secret of the Universe” and wow is she right on that. You put the corrector product on first and it is meant to brighten and cover discoloration. Then you add the concealer (which you actually swipe down slightly below the under eye area – you know, just beyond where we get those under eye bags that we all get at least from time to time) for flawless coverage and top it with the pressed powder to set it for the whole day. I love this combination, it wears well, doesn’t crease, and goes on SO smoothly. It is also truly brightening and I really loved it!

Lip Balm, Sheer Lip Color & High Shimmer Lip Gloss // So these there products make for an incredible lip trio! First, the lip balm is rich, thick and SO smoothing and moisturizing. You can wear it on its own (I’d probably put it on every night before bed, as well), or put lipstick right over it. Plus, I really love the little tin it comes in. 

I tried the Sheer Lip Color in Rosy and loved it. Again, smooth, smooth, smooth (are you noticing a trend here?) and the color was gorgeous, I got compliments on it for the rest of the day. For a sheer, I was happily surprised at the amount of color that I got from it. We topped it with High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pastel and it was definitely a great way to take it up a notch. If high shimmer freaks you out a little bit, also try regular Shimmer Lip Gloss. 

To get any of these products sent to you directly, you can also call Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection (I love working with Michelle at Bobbi Brown, she’s great with product recommendations) at 248.643.3300, extension 2109. 



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