Breakfast Makeover

Baked-Eggs Smoked-Salmon-Scramble Quinoa-Breakfast-Bowl Chia-Seed-Bowl Poached-Eggs-and-Avocado

We are in a little bit of a breakfast rut around here. A couple of months ago, I we started making our “usual” breakfast sandwiches with English muffins, avocado, fried egg and cheese. Occasionally we’ll add some tomato or prosciutto to mix things up a bit, but it’s getting to be time for a change. 

So, of course, I turned to Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration and some new ideas and these are the top ones on my “Healthy Breakfast To Make Now” list:

We also started the Simple Green Smoothies 30 day challenge earlier this week. The recipes have been really good (and SO easy) so far, so we’re going to do our best to stick with it. You can still sign up and try it, if you’re interested!

What are some of your favorite weekday breakfasts?


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