New Favorites at Bobbi Brown

I used to wear Bobbi Brown makeup almost exclusively when I started college, but when I moved away to Florida it wasn’t as easily accessible so I started shopping other brands. Last week I got a bit of a reintroduction to Bobbi Brown at Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection and I loved all of the products that I got to play with and try. I think what I like best about Bobbi Brown is the approach to beauty and the idea that it should be simple and doable for everyone. They’re really big on lessons at the beauty counter these days (you can even book for a group of girlfriends) and you can learn everything from a Smokey Eye and Everything Brows (each just 20 min) to Bobbi’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson and the Makeup Face Lift (both 45 min). The lessons are all complimentary and great for a beauty routine refresh or to learn a new trick or two. 

My Bobbi Brown Must-Haves:


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