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Before we left on our holiday vacation, something got into my head and I spent two days putting away all things Christmas, organizing drawers, putting together piles of things for Goodwill and doing a thorough “put away” of things around the house that I really haven’t been loving. This house is very different in color and style from our old one, so a lot of little things like frames, pillows and random decor pieces have just been placeholders.

One thing that really started to bug me was the built-ins in our living room. As you can see from the “before” photo above, we started with 3 walls of them. Thankfully, we took one out (the one next to the fireplace – really, this room looks completely different today) so that means slightly less to do. When we moved in, we had a lot of dark colored books, frames and accessories that went up on the shelves and really just stood out and didn’t work. In my cleaning fit, those all went away and I’ve decided we’ll be starting over on those shelves. That means new, lighter, frames for family photos and fun books and accessories that better show our personalities and interests.

Bookshelves-1 Bookshelves-2 Screen-Shot-2015-01-07-at-3.57.26-PM

Naturally, I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Some of my favorite ideas include: wallpapering the wall behind the shelves, moving shelves around to make the sizes different for little vignettes, and adding some natural elements with terrariums.

What are some of your favorite display items for built-ins? 


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