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Shop the look: Kiki Lynn Dory Shirtdress c/o (you’ve got to see this similar plaid style, perfect for holiday!) // SPANX Tights // Schutz Heels (other colors on major sale here) // Prada Bag // David Yurman Ring // Maya Brenner “J” Necklace c/o 

I discovered the pretty, feminine shirtdresses by Kiki Lynn on Facebook a couple of months ago and immediately became a fan. I’ve always had a hard time finding a shirtdress that I liked on me. The style can be awfully manly and, being kind of petite, I get lost in them. Not the case with this Kiki Lynn Dory Shirtdress, I love the bow at the waist and the flowy hemline. It’s perfect from day to night and work to weekend, great with heels or boots and is just an all around wardrobe essential (I told you, I’m a fan!).

Because I found the brand so beautiful and interesting, I couldn’t resist spending some time chatting with founder, Kimberly McKinley, and I wanted you all to meet her, as well. She is a super stylish and inspirational mom, wife and entrepreneur, who I think shows a wonderful sense of balance in her life. Read on to learn more about Kimberly and her beautiful (made in the USA!) brand, which I know you’ll love as much as I do!

Can you give us a little bit of information about your background and how you came to develop Kiki Lynn?
Like most new ideas, Kiki Lynn was born out of necessity for me.  I spent over 10 years as a merchant and a planner at luxury and lifestyle brands like Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale’s and One Kings Lane.  During this time, I watched the market change considerably.  Contemporary labels became global brands while professional-minded women and mothers like us started dressing more casually to fit our busy lifestyles.  With Kiki Lynn I set out to create a timelessly designed, feminine and comfortable collection that could take us from day to night with nothing more than a change of accessories.  I do not have a background in design but I knew what I wanted my dresses to look like.  Luckily I found a domestic factory with a very experienced owner who was willing to take a chance on  me.  Getting Kiki Lynn off the ground was truly a labor of love as I did everything from design to writing the business plan.  It took me about 15 months from concept to the launch of and I had my first child in between!

I started with shirtdresses and caftans (which you’ll see here on the blog soon!), two chic silhouettes that fit and flatter most body types.  My cotton shirtdresses are designed to be a feminine wardrobe workhorse.  The skirt is crafted so that it is feminine and roomy while standing and it stays put and layers over your legs while seated.  Each shirtdress has on seam pockets, a removable belt and detailed buttons that are almost accessories in themselves.  I style my shirdresses with ballet flats or sandals while on the go with my 6 month old son or at the office during the day and then I slip on some 4 inch heels, chunky jewelry and a clutch if I meet my husband or my girlfriends for dinner in the evening.  The caftans are made of a super cozy Micromodal® and I think they are a chic way to run errands on weekends, lounge around the house or hit a dinner party on the beach.  Everything from Kiki Lynn is made of fabric and components from the USA and Europe and everything is manufactured in New York City.  Keeping manufacturing in the US was extremely important to me and the domestic production helps me produce a high quality collection at a contemporary price point.

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Do you have a favorite style in your collection right now? What’s your favorite way to wear it?
For the holidays and winter season, I love our Meredith Shirtdress.  Its made of a red plaid cotton stretch poplin from Italy and is just so festive yet comfortable!  It makes me want to break out the champagne and throw a fabulous party for my family and friends.  At the office I would pair it with some black tights and either my heeled boots or a chunky black patent heel.  At home hosting a party I would wear a more delicate heel and gold jewelry.  

For year round, I love our Dory Shirtdress.  Its our shirtdress silhouette in a black cotton stretch poplin and is a four season wardrobe essential.  I wear a cardigan and boots with it when the temperature drops or I wear it with the sleeves rolled up and strappy sandals in the spring and summer.

What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials for fall/winter?
My Kiki Lynn Dory Shirtdress, my Louis Vuitton flat black leather riding boots and this amazing no label wool blazer that I found an equally amazing boutique in San Francisco years ago.  

I love talking about being flexible when it comes to your clothing and your life. How do you balance fashion and family?
My son (my first child) is almost 7 months old and to be honest, I never imagined that balancing family and Kiki Lynn would be so hard!  My husband and son always come first.  I completely focus on Kiki Lynn in my office about four days a week and then sometimes get more work in a few evenings a week after my son goes to bed.  Unless I have work to attend to, Friday afternoons are always spent completely with my son and Sundays are devoted to family.  We sleep in as much as my son allows, make a big brunch at home and try to get outside together to do something fun around Washington, DC where we live.

The HSS Feed is about happiness, success and style. What brings those three qualities into your life?
For me happiness and success go together.  When I am successful at something, I am always happy about it.  Life is full of big and small successes that are both public and private.  If I soothe my son into laughter after a fussy spell or receive complimentary feedback from a Kiki Lynn customer, I feel happy and successful.  Life is so hectic right now I try my best each day to be happy and successful with style.  For me style is not only about fashion but also about behavior.  So I try to dress up a little bit each day while also being the best version of myself.  Its important to be supportive of your peers and family…and its a cherry on the sundae if you look good doing it!

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Shop the look: Kiki Lynn Dory Shirtdress c/o (you’ve got to see this similar plaid styleperfect for holiday!) // SPANX Tights // Schutz Heels (other colors on major sale here) // Prada Bag // David Yurman Ring // Maya Brenner “J” Necklace c/o 

Photos thanks to Ashley Brooks


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