Pumpkin Recipes On My Radar

Pumpkin-Crumb-Cake 31a92df2812b0d585201912c008d0242Pumpkin-HummusSince I’m cooking so much more these days, I’m really trying to embrace the flavors of fall. Pumpkin is a little bit of a surprise for me, because I’ve always said that I don’t really like it. Truth be told, I’m not a pumpkin pie fan. It just doesn’t do anything for me and, at Thanksgiving, I’d rather the pecan pie or something chocolate (always something chocolate). 

I’ve found, however, that I really do like pumpkin when it is a little bit more savory, and I’ve been experimenting with some recipes. Pinterest has been a source of inspiration and I wanted to share the top 5 pumpkin recipes that have been on repeat at our house:

Some store-bought favorites include this pumpkin quick bread mix from Williams-Sonoma, along with their pumpkin parmesan pasta sauce and this warm and spicy pumpkin curry.


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