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I have about a hundred things on my “Get this for the house” list, and am adding to/deleting from it constantly. Although everyone has told me that the house will really never be done and I’ll always be wanting something new or another little detail completed, I’m still convinced that I can get it to a state of “acceptably done” sometime in the next, oh I don’t know, 10 years?

All kidding aside (I hope), we’ve got new living room furniture coming in a few weeks and will be moving our old living room furniture to the downstairs sunroom, which will get us much closer to two rooms on the first floor being “acceptably done.” Then it’s time for the little details. Making this much easier, or more difficult depending on how you want to look at it, is The Manor, a brand new online boutique started by my lovely friend Beth.

The Manor is filled with amazing accent pieces for your home Beth has amazing taste and a background in interiors, so I expected nothing less from her. There are fun and quirky pieces like this banana bud vase, the flask scarf and Henry the Elephant. You’ll also find gorgeous glam items like these nesting tables, this Mongolian lamb bench and this champagne pop candle. There is also a great selection of baby & kids apparel and gifts (someone needs these moccasins and I kind of wish they came in my size).

Head over to the site and find something fabulous and HSS readers get 20% off with the code HSS20! Happy shopping!


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